In terms of LGBTQ equality, Taiwan has been seen as one of the most progressive countries in Asia. Taiwan Pride attracts huge crowds, and a 2017 ruling the country’s Constitutional Court set Taiwan firmly on the path towards marriage equality.

However, in a referendum held in November 2018, aspirations for marriage equality took a backward step, the most voters supporting a definition of marriage that restricts it to being a union between a man and a woman.

In its 2017 ruling, the Constitutional Court gave Taiwan’s parliament a maximum of two years to amend or enact laws so that same-sex marriage was legally recognised. According to the court ruling, if the Parliament failed to do so by 24 May 2019, same-sex marriage will automatically become legal.

The good news is that Taiwan’s parliament bit the bullet and enacted the legislation required to make marriage equality the law of the land.

The vote earlier this week made Taiwan’s parliament the first in Asia to legislate in favour of marriage equality.

Image published via Wikipedia

Image published via Wikipedia

Taiwan Pride

Taiwan’s LGBTQ Pride celebrations are held on the last Saturday every October. It’s believed to be the largest gay pride event in East Asia.

In 2019, the Pride celebrations will be taking place from 24-27 October.