I caught up with Hung James to find out about Gs Hotel — the first gay-friendly hotel to open in Taiwan.

Why did you decide to establish a gay hotel in Taiwan?

We opened in April of 2017.

We wanted to create a space for gay travellers where they would feel comfortable as a gay couple, or as single gay men looking to meet other guys from all over the world.

What makes the hotel a gay hotel?

We only accommodate male guests. The reason we only take male guests is so that we can establish a comfortable, relaxing, and boundary-free environment.

It’s a modern hotel with an Asian-style shared shower and bathroom facility. We also have a social area where our guests can connect with each other.

Have you had any negative reaction from local businesses or the local community?

Luckily enough, so far we haven’t had any negative reactions from local businesses or the local community. However, we’ve deliberately kept a low profile, and haven’t been outspoken about issues such as same-sex marriage.

Who are your target customers for the hotel?

Gay men from anywhere around the world.

What makes Taiwan a great gay destination?

The Taiwanese people are very welcoming and appreciate diversity. There’s a great gay scene here in Taiwan that is lots of fun.

If someone was visiting Taiwan, what advice or guidance would you give them?

Red House is a must-do place for visitors. At night, check out the gay bars there, during the day you can explore the building.

Taipei 101 is a landmark place worth visiting.

Elephant Mountain is worth exploring — you can climb the mountain for great views.

What’s the best time of year to visit Taiwan?

Generally speaking, Taiwan is a good place to visit all year round.

The last weekend in October is Taipei Gay Pride, so that’s worth experiencing.

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