While probably best-known for being the longest-serving member of RuPaul’s pit-crew on RPDR, Jason Carter has a lot more going on than just looking good in his underwear.

We caught up with Jason to talk All Stars 3, travel, and the entertainment industry.

It’s not long now until RPDR All Stars 3 hits the screens, is that something that fills you with excitement or a little trepidation?

I’m very excited! Every season of RPDR is so unique, and brings new energy and stars. I’m a fan of the show myself, so seeing it on television is always an event. Seeing all the hard work come to life is truly wonderful.

Out of all the seasons of RPDR that you’ve worked on, who has been your favourite cast member, or perhaps the cast member that’s surprised you the most?

I’m always asked that question! I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful queens and people. I absolutely love Shangela, and I think Milk and Trixie are so avant-garde and forward-thinking. But ultimately, every queen has something special about them that really shines.

PopTrigger seems a good fit for you, it’s a panel show that covers a really broad range of topics. How did you become involved in that production?

PopTrigger is a fun time. I’ve been a host my whole life, working in radio and television since I was a teen. PopTrigger is the next phase of my career that I’m really loving. It’s nice to have a fun banter. I got involved with the show through a friend named Sam Schacher. She invited me on and I just stayed.

You’ve always been quite political and outspoken, what’s making you angry at the moment?

I think I’ve become more political and aware of the issues since arriving at The Young Turks. An issue that really upsets me is pay disparity between the sexes. Women deserve equality and every bit of respect that a man receives. The time is coming where equality will be paramount. It’s time.

The #MeToo movement has exposed some of the darker secrets of the entertainment industry. Is sexual harassment something that you’ve ever had to grapple with in your career?

Luckily, I’ve never been in a situation that was unfavourable when it comes to sexual harassment and assault. I feel strongly that the #MeToo movement is essential in ridding this industry of people that are predators and abusers of power and humanity. The reckoning is much needed. The more we speak up and let our voices be heard, the more powerful this movement will be.

Who are some of your TV icons or heroes?

I don’t have icons. I believe that we’re all icons and have the power to be legends. Idolising people steals power away from yourself.

What would your travel tips be for someone visiting Los Angeles?

Get out and explore the city outside of just the trendy, go-to places. Visit boroughs like Abbot Kinney, or Los Feliz.

One of my favourite restaurants in Los Angeles is Bossa Nova — it’s this yummy Brazilian restaurant that I always take anyone visiting to.

Which destinations are on your travel wish-list for 2018?

This year I’ll be travelling a lot actually. In the Fall I’ll be going to Europe for the first time. I’ll be going to Spain, Greece, and Italy — so excited!

Any resolutions for 2018?

My one resolution is to just be at peace. Life is so short, and we get caught up in the moment and the hustle and bustle of things. Sometimes you have to take a breather and realise that life is happening, and you can only control what you can control. Everything else you have to let go.

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Jason Carter (images courtesy of the subject, published via Instagram)