If you’re fan of erotic comics, then it’s likely that the team from Class Comics is going to have something in their collection that will help to fuel your fantasies.

The latest title from Sunny Victor and the team at Class Comics is Tales of the Naked Knight.

Find out why Tommy and Gordon, two outstanding police officers and also great buddies, spend their evenings at the club wearing nothing except a teddy bear mask. Tonight, It’s Gordon’s turn to wear the outfit and have all the fun that comes with it.

Meanwhile, Tommy recognizes Kilo, an old flame, who is now a Go-Go dancer, model, and porn star. It seems he’s come a long way since they made passionate, gritty, love on the beach.

In the sauna, Junior gets into trouble for paying too much attention to the cute Teddy Bear, and Daddy is forced to lay down the law. It’s almost as if Junior wanted to get into trouble…

When the lights go out and beasts attack, Kevin gets his first taste of action, even if the cops don’t believe he’s up to the job.

Dive into the world of the Naked Knight

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