In news just in from the International Space Station, it seems that a US astronaut is at the centre of some intergalactic intrigue.

The BBC is reporting that NASA is investigating an alleged case of bank and identity fraud.

Anne McClain is the astronaut at the centre of the allegations – her estranged wife, Summer Worden, has claimed that McClain accessed her bank account. The unauthorised access is alleged to have taken place while McClain was on duty at the International Space Station, making it potentially the first crime every committed in Space.

According to the reporting by the BBC, McClain has acknowledged accessing Worden’s bank account, but has denied any wrongdoing. Worden – an Air Force intelligence officer – has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Now back on Earth, McClain has released a statement explaining that she accessed the account to ensure that the family’s finances were in order and that there was enough money to care for Worden’s son, who they had been raising together.

McClain and Worden were married in 2014. Worden filed for divorce in 2018.

McClain graduated from the West Point military academy and flew more than 800 combat hours over Iraq as an Army pilot. She went on to qualify as a test pilot and was chosen to fly for NASA in 2013. She spent six months aboard the International Space Station.

NASA’s Office of Inspector General has taken charge of the investigation. Under the legal framework of the International Space Station, because McClain is a US citizen, it’s the laws of the US that would be applicable in any criminal proceedings.