I caught up with my Twitter buddy Chris to talk about the thrill of getting naked.

When did you recognise and start to explore your love of naturism and being nude?

I’ve always felt comfortable with my own nudity, in private, since I was a child. I remember starting to sleep naked when I got my own bedroom at home, aged about 12.

In adult life, I often stayed naked at home on my own, even before I realised I was a ‘nudist.’ In the past ten years or so, I’ve become a lot more sociable and open about my nudist lifestyle and identity. I now live naked nonstop at home, even with friends and visitors and deliveries. I find that nudity gives me more confidence and honesty to be myself. Naked and proud of who I am and what I’ve got.

Do your friends and family know about your love of being nude?

My family and most of my friends know about my nudist lifestyle. I’m open and honest with most people about my love of being nude, so I’m happy to talk about it with anyone who’s interested or curious. I came out to my family as gay at the age of 19, and I look at it in a similar way that I came out as a naturist around about the age of 30.

I don’t get naked in front of my mother or brothers or other family members, out of respect for them as they don’t want to see me naked. But, personally, I wouldn’t have a problem to be naked with anyone, family included. I also find that my nudity can become an ice-breaker in some new friendships, so that I can encourage friends to try it out and to get naked with me, or we can go to organised events, swims, campsites, or holidays together.

A couple of times, I’ve been to fancy-dress or clothing-optional parties where I was the only one naked in the party — even if I didn’t know anyone else at the party — I went as Adam.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

I would be lying if I said that I am not a bit of an exhibitionist, although that’s not the primary reason for my public and social nudity. I would describe it as ‘nudity all in the right context, with consent.’

If it’s appropriate to be naked, without causing alarm or offence to anyone else, then I don’t mind at all who sees me naked. I feel safe at home, so I remain naked with all friends and visitors. I’m not afraid or ashamed of my nudity. I know that I’m not doing anything wrong, immoral, or illegal in simply living a naked lifestyle at home, even with visitors and deliveries and other people.

Sometimes, curious friends ask me — “So, do you just walk around naked?” which I find a funny way of putting it. I live my life as a naked man who just happens not to wear clothes. So I would do anything and everything without clothes, if possible.

Is there a sexual element to your naturism?

No. Naturism is not sexual. Simply being naked is not a sexual experience at all. It’s my lifestyle and identity to live naked, just as most other people live their everyday lives clothed. Sure, on occasions, I do get erections just like any other man, but they’re not because of my nudity. Sexual arousal has its place and that’s all fine, but the actual state of being naked is not sexual in itself. I would need some appropriate stimulation or context in order to get turned on.

All in the right context and with consent, then it can become the right time and place to get sexually aroused, alone or with friends. I’m not ashamed of my nudity and don’t mind ‘showing off’ if that’s appropriate with whomever I’m with at the time.

How do you explore your love of naturism and being nude?

I enjoy being naked at home, but even more so I enjoy being naked outside at organised events or campsites or beaches or swims or on holiday. I’m careful not to be naked where it might cause offence, so for that reason I prefer not to go for a naked walk in the woods, for example, on my own.

I know that there’s nothing wrong with social, public nudity in its right place, but I would rather not cause any hassle or offence to anyone. In the past, I’ve taken part in a variety of charity events and public nudity demonstrations and other naked photo installation events. I’ve also been on summer holidays in France and Spain to nudist campsites, or places where there are local naked or clothing-optional beaches.

Do you connect with other guys who also like being nude?

I really enjoy being naked with other guys. I think that’s the most important aspect of my social nudity. I feel a great masculine connection with other guys and enjoy the ‘male bonding’ side of sharing the intimacy and honesty of being naked together. I have a great feeling of wholeness and camaraderie and honesty and intimacy, whenever I can share some naked time with another guy.

For me, it’s not sexual, but on a much deeper level of intimacy and brotherhood. I can separate the two sides of nudity, both social and sexual, and given the right context, then I don’t mind being naked on either side.

In the past year, since I now live on my own, I have a CouchSurfing profile where I can offer to host visitors and travellers who are looking for a place to stay for a few nights. I’m open on my profile about my nudist lifestyle at home, and so I’m happy to host guys who want to stay with me. I don’t force anyone to join in with the nudity, but the option is always there if anyone wants to try it in a safe space with no judgement. Over the past year, I’ve now hosted about 15 guys at my place. Not everyone has joined in, but that’s fine with me.

What’s your ultimate naked fantasy?

On a previous holiday, I had the chance to stay naked 24/7 at a nudist campsite in France for a full two weeks. Maybe one day, I’d love to live there on a more permanent basis.

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