If your goals are to be healthy and to be lean and strong (and for most people that is the aspiration these days), then regular resistance training in the gym (plus some interval training for cardio fitness) is only half the story.
Eating the right foods at the right time is just as important.

In an ideal world you would be eating a balanced diet, getting all the nutrients and nutrition you need from freshly prepared, organic meat and vegetables — smallish meals 4–5 times per day, high in protein, low in carbohydrates.

The reality is though that we all lead busy lives, we’re juggling a range of priorities and it can be very difficult to find the time or head space to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients (and quantities) in order to achieve your fitness goals.

This is where supplements come in.

Used correctly there is nothing wrong with supplements — they’re not cheating or in any way damaging your body. The right supplements are merely topping up your diet to the levels that your body requires. Anything that your body doesn’t need will simply pass through the digestive system.

If you’re just starting out, the important thing is not to over-complicate things.

First question is — where are you going to buy stuff?

The product range offered by your gym is generally over-priced. If you’ve got a decent health food store near you then they will have everything you need. Alternatively there are a huge range of online retailers who offer a comprehensive range of products for every level of training.

Need a basic starter pack? Try the following:

  1. Fish Oil
  2. L.Glutamine
  3. Zinc

Try those for four weeks and then review your progress, assess where you’re at against your goals and talk to an expert about your nutrition — as your training develops and becomes more advanced then you need to adjust your balanced diet accordingly.