When I’m on vacation, I find sticking to a healthy diet can be a bit tricky.

It’s not just that vacations often present opportunities to try new and interesting foods to try — “Tzatziki? It would be rude not to!” — but vacations also involve socialising more than normal, which often means drinking more alcohol than I know that I should.

Here’s the diet plan that I try to follow when embarking on a new expedition:

  • The first rule is to enjoy the vacation. The reason that we all spend so much time at the gym and watching what we eat is so that we can take the occasional break and enjoy all the stuff that we generally steer clear of.
  • Vacations don’t have to be a total disaster — I try not to over-indulge on anything, and set myself some limits. For example, if I’m somewhere like France or Spain that does really good bread, then I’ll have some bread with the meal but will try and resist asking the waiter to refill the basket. I always like to try the local desserts but if it’s just a chocolate brownie and ice-cream then it’s obvious that I’m not missing out on much by skipping dessert.
  • My choice of drinks has a big role to play also — drinking Ouzo, which is served with water, is going to do much less damage than drinking a Cuba Libre. Although, if you’re going to be busting out your salsa moves on a sweaty dance floor somewhere, then the sugar rush of a mojito never goes astray.
  • I always want to come back from a vacation feeling relaxed and with some new experiences under my belt, not having to buy bigger pants.