I caught up with Spencer — who goes by wolf_daddie on Instagram — to talk tattoos.

What was the first tattoo that you got?

It was a little circular tatt, on my right arm. I got it to cover a keloid scar.

Spencer the Wolf Daddie (image supplied)

What is it about tattoos that you like?

The ability to choose what I do to my own body. It’s a powerful form of autonomy.

Is there a specific inspiration or story behind each of your tattoos?

They’re thematic — earth, wind, fire, and water. Plus some recent additions. I’ve had them all done in Vancouver — four different artists.

At the moment there aren’t any plans to get more, but I never say never.

Spencer the Wolf Daddie (image supplied)

Did it hurt getting your tattoos done?

I don’t feel it much. I slept through my back tattoo.

What sort of reaction from guys do you get to your tattoos?

I get way more interest from men now — it’s changed the way that they perceive me. The tattoos give me more power.

Spencer the Wolf Daddie (image supplied)

Do you regret any of your tattoos?

I regret nothing.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about getting a tattoo?

Start with a big one — most people regret the size of their first.

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