When you’re busy and running from work, to the gym, to a date, to training… you may find that you haven’t had time to stop and eat and refuel at regular times.

That’s why it’s always important to have a couple of regime snacks up your sleeve to ensure that you’ve got the energy to keep going without blowing out the diet.

Five essential snacks that you should regularly stock up on (and pack in your gym/swim/laptop bag) are:

  1. Bounce Protein Balls — only buy the almond ones (orange pack). The other products in the Bounce range are delicious, but slightly questionable from a diet point of view (ie. the peanut one is tasty but then again it’s made from peanuts which is a low quality food source). I’ve also tried some of the raw chocolate bars (purely in the name of research) — they taste fantastic, but to be honest I think it’s a long stretch to imagine that they’re any good for you. Maybe slightly less bad than a Twix, but not a sensible snack option.
  2. Macadamia Nuts — packed with lots of good stuff and taste great. Try and make them organic if you can — and Australian macadamias if you can (I think it’s the only nut that’s native to Australia?)
  3. Tin of salmon — slightly less practical but a great meal substitute if you’re on the run (pack some gum though — no one likes fish breath). You should be looking for wild salmon that’s been sustainably caught. Easiest to eat if it’s tinned without skin and bones, but if you can face it the skin and bones will obviously give you heaps more nutrients. I tend to sprinkle mine with dried chilli flakes which makes it surprisingly tasty.
  4. Hummus — Maybe not every day but good source of fibre and rich in iron and vitamin C. I know hummus isn’t everyone’s flavour, but if it’s a good quality hummus I can quite happily eat it out of the tub with a spoon. Go for organic if you can. Limit yourself to 2–3 servings per week.
  5. Cherry Tomatoes — Easy to eat, good source of fibre and vitamin C, will give you a natural sugar boost. If, like me, you’re not that great in the kitchen then cherry tomatoes are a bit of a life saver. Stock your fridge up and they can be easily turned into an emergency salad if someone drops by unexpectedly or pack a punnet in your bag and munch on them when you’re on the go. Organic if you can.

Other options are to pack a protein shake, or a water bottle with some BCAA powder.