Whether you’ve had the benefit of comprehensive sex education classes at school, or if you’ve had to figure stuff out through trial and error, here’s some gay sex facts that are worth a quick refresher on.

Today, we’re asking…

Is sex good exercise?

Whatever your health and fitness goals are, there’s no denying that if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning off then you need to be ready to embrace your curves and swerves.

Spending more time in the gym is definitely one way to burn off excess calories, but having sex is also a pretty effective way to give your body a workout.

How many calories should I be burning?

Calorie counting isn’t something that you really want to obsess over. If you’ve got a fairly balanced diet and you’re relatively active each day then you won’t notice much change in your body. If you’re trying to change your physique in some way, then you probably need to get a bit more technical with it all.

If you’re paying attention to your diet, it’s relatively easy to keep track of how many calories you’re consuming each day. But how many calories are you burning?

Your daily functions will generally account for around 50–70% of the energy that your body uses. The more muscle mass you have, the more energy that your body is using — even when you’re at rest.

Physical activity or exertion is the next best way to consume energy and burn calories.

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

One study of 21 couples in Montreal looked into how many calories sex burns based on gender. When having sex, the men taking part in the study would burn more than 100 calories based on an average of 3.6 calories per minute.

When you compare this to various options available at the gym, this is probably about the same amount of calories as you’d burn doing some resistance training with weights. Cadio-focused exercises such as treadmill, stationary bike, or circuit training will burn more.

Sex may not be the most effective way to burn calories, but it could easily be one of the most enjoyable.

Which sex positions burn the most calories?

Sucking cock: Good for foreplay but not brilliant for burning calories. It’s a good starting point to get the blood pumping. Same goes for rimming.

Jacking cock: Putting your arms to work is going to increase the calories that you’re burning, but it’s a relatively small muscle group. A good part of your warm-up routine.

Bottoming: The effectiveness of this as a calorie burning exercise is going to depend on the position that you’re using. If you’re on your back, or if you’re face-down, then your top is doing most of the heavy-lifting. You’ll burn most calories if you’re straddling your top and really using your legs to fuck his cock into you.

Topping: This is generally going to be the power-move in terms of burning calories. When you’re topping, most positions that you’ll be exploring will involve you engaging your core and using your glutes to thrust forward. Your glutes are a big muscle group — putting these to work is going to chew through the energy that your body has been storing up. Think about the variations you can use to increase the intensity — using the wall or some furniture for extra leverage can also bring your arm and chest muscles into play.

Obviously, whatever position you’re putting into action, the longer the session and the more physically intense it is then the more calories you’re burning.