Time for some Instagram inspiration.

Bird of Paradise Mesh Trunk (left) and California Sunset Palms Trunk (right). Image courtesy of Andrew Christian

The Andrew Christian brand is a big name in underwear, but if their Instagram game is anything to go by, then you might want to think about checking out their swimwear options.

Massive Mesh Bikini

You don’t want to be taking yourself too seriously when you’re wearing these swim briefs, but nothing says confidence like the Massive Mesh Bikini.

Pretend you’re on the beach at Ipanema and bring some swagger to your swimwear.

Tropics Trunk

The Tropics Trunk features a bold, limited edition print with a white contrast waistband and piping detail.

This is contemporary swimwear that gives you the sexiness of a booty-short cut with the retro feel of a California surf-short.

California Sunset Palms Trunk

Turn up the heat with the California Sunset Palms Trunk. Bright, bold colours with black contrast waistband and trim. Perfect for turning heads pool-side or making friends on the beach.

Massive Street Graffiti Bikini

The bright colour pops of this design slightly distract from the message that you’re sending with these eye-catching swim briefs. The Massive Street Graffiti Bikini is an easy way to let the world know that you’re worth paying attention to.

Buckle Bikini

These super-sexy swim briefs probably aren’t what you’re going to wear to a family-friendly beach, but they’re ideal for a gay pool party, some clothing-optional sunbathing, or if you’re dancing in a club to earn some tips.

The Buckle Bikini comes in black or neon pink. They come off quick.

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