When it comes to exercise, and staying fit and healthy, you've got to take your motivation anywhere you can get it.

Whether you're hitting the squat rack in the gym, or getting outside to enjoy some sunshine, a new pair of work-out shorts can definitely put some extra spring in your step.

Here's a few options that have caught our eye recently that we're definitely adding to our wish-list.

Vibe Pure Training Shorts

These are shorts that let everyone know that you mean business.

These are the kind of shorts that an Australian rugby team might wear for their team work-outs.

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Athletic Mesh Street Shorts

This is a good option for those upper-body sessions. The waistband and cuff detail, combined with the piping down the leg gives this almost a military feel - sort of like what the marines might wear if they were going to throw a football around in the park while on shore leave.

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Midnight Jogger Shorts

With their sleek, velvet-look fabric, these shorts add a bit of luxe and a bit of sex to your work-out ensemble.

You probably don't want to sweat too much in these.

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Flirt Laurel Jogger Shorts

These shorts tick a lot of boxes. You could easily wear them to the gym without embarrassing your personal trainer, but they're also comfortable enough to wear around the house. The contrast mesh trim provides the flirt component, so these shorts would also be right at home at a sex party.

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Love Naughty Mesh Jogger Shorts

Sure, you'd have to pick your moment to wear these. There's some gyms where these shorts wouldn't be a great idea, but plenty of gyms where you'd fit right in.

If you needed a bit of extra modesty, wear a white jockstrap with them.

Cute, sexy, and colourful. What more do you want from a pair of shorts?

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