Jakk Fynn has released a video for his track Heal – the latest release to be showcased from Cancelled – his 5-track EP.

Heal explores Jakk’s story of rebuilding himself as his own person after an emotionally stifling relationship came to an end.

“The more I tried to change myself to be who I thought my partner wanted, the more we both lost ourselves…” explains Jakk. “Not being true to yourself in a relationship can feel like suffocation, like death. ‘Heal’ is a chance to do just that – heal – by embracing the vulnerabilities that make me who I am.”

The track-list of Cancelled is:

  • Fire
  • Walk Away
  • Heal
  • Special
  • Don’t Go

Jakk is committed to using pop music’s power to uplift audiences and challenge toxic social narratives, especially for audiences who don’t often see themselves fairly and accurately represented in mainstream culture.

Cancelled tackles Jakk’s personal journey grappling with grief when relationships and friendships fall apart while searching internally for empowerment and peace.

“I had concealed my romantic feelings for a good friend because we were both in relationships…” explains Jakk. “Eventually, I came clean and was met with rejection. My fear of being alone was crippling so I committed myself to not pursuing any romantic relationships for a year so I could learn, grow, and work on my issues.”

“Everyone has trauma…” adds Jakk.  “But I think it’s super-important, especially for people within the queer community, to really understand how their past experiences have shaped their coping mechanisms. Because we already deal with so much, we really owe it to ourselves and our peers to not exacerbate and compound our issues.”


Special is a dance track that portrays loneliness and abandonment as a consequence of living one’s truth.


Fire is an upbeat dance track that explores unrequited love.

“Oftentimes, queer individuals don’t feel wholly accepted, seen or loved for who they are…” explains Jakk. “When romantic feelings are so infrequently returned, this can exacerbate an already deeply internalised identity struggle.”

“Attraction and love are fairly involuntary…” adds Jakk. “Our central nervous system is a massive orchestration of electrical impulses that fire.”

Photos of Jakk Fynn