Written by Jack Mackenroth

Dear Mr. Trump,

I would like to thank you.

Thank you for making the United States the most unhealthy, 1st world country in the world by cutting healthcare, letting Covid-19 go unchecked which MASSIVELY contributed to the mental health issues of this nation. We are more anxious, scared and depressed than ever.

Thank you for traumatising a whole generation of children who are old enough to understand that they have to wear masks to go near other people but don’t comprehend the big picture. It has changed my loving 3-year-old nephew forever.

Thank you for destroying New York and the performing arts.

Thank you for allowing a situation where we all wear masks and we can no longer see people smile.

Thank you for taking no responsibility for ANYTHING (except successful things which you actually didn’t do) and calling journalists “stupid” when you don’t like their questions.

Thank you for being the figure head for a new pervasive culture of bullying where people now think it’s the norm. That’s your only trickle down theory that has worked.

Thank you for destroying the economy for probably the next decade. It doesn’t take an economist to know that just because the Dow that doesn’t mean that the general economy isn’t collapsing.

Thank you for making lying the new truth and anything that contradicts you, labeled as “fake news”.

Thank you for blaming democratic states for Covid-19 and dividing this country more than anyone thought possible.

Thank you for interfering with the post office and mail-in voting.

Thank you for thinking you are friends and allies with Putin and Kim Jong-un when advisors asked you not to and you are so stupid that you don’t realise that they are manipulating you.

Thank you for using tax dollars to hire your unqualified relatives for government jobs that they were not elected for.

Thank you for mocking a journalist with a disability on national TV.

Thank you for telling us to drink bleach to clean our insides.

Thank you for perpetuating a culture of fear to win re-election.

Thank you for golfing more than you governed.

Thank you for calling Mexicans “rapists” and separating children from their families and putting them in cages.

Thank you for claiming to be “the least racist man in the world” but then banning Mexicans and Muslims and dismantling immigration.

Thank you for trapping us all here in the US because we can’t cross borders.

Thank you for forcing kids to go back to school and threatening to take away federal funds from states that did not comply.

Thank you for your great job on the needless wall on the Mexico border.

Thank you for treating women as objects, free for “pussy grabbing” 24/7.

Thank you for your massive support for the LGBTQ community. Specifically for removing trans folks from the military when experts advised against it.

Thank you for pandering to your “base” by doing a fake photo op with an upside down bible and pretending to be a man of faith when all you care about is the God of money and everyone knows you are not religious.

Thank you for attacking women’s healthcare and abortion. They must have the baby, but thank you for taking away all the social programs they need once they have the baby. It’s ok if they die after they are born. Just not before, when they are not actually a human yet.

Thank you for being an amazing role model in so many ways – notably having adulterous sex with porn stars and paying them hush money. Any Democrat president would have been impeached and removed for .1% of the things you’ve done.

Thanks for kissing your daughter inappropriately on TV and speaking about how “hot” she was.

Thank you for using your own businesses in government events and contracts to personally profit from our tax dollars.

Thank you for your quick and compassionate, life-saving actions during natural disasters in Puerto Rico and Texas and California.

Thank you for sending in National guard troops to keep the peace when you were specifically asked not to, and allowing excessive force against peaceful protestors.

Thank you for deregulating the internet so rich people and companies benefit.

Thank you for your amazing Twitter presidency and spending hours a day watching TV instead of working.

Thank you for being the main contributor to 200,000 Covid-19 deaths in America. Their blood is on your tiny, shaky hands.

There is soooo much more you did for this country but my hand is numb from referencing about 2% of the atrocities.

This is your legacy. You will be remembered as the WORST president in history. If you ram through a new Supreme Court Justice it will amplify just how black-hearted you are.

Readers! Please share and add other heinous crimes against humanity in the comments.

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