If you want to sex up your underwear options, then check out the new range just released by Jack Ldn.

I caught up with David from Jack Ldn for a behind-the-scenes look at what the team have been working on.

What was your inspiration to launch Jack Ldn?

I’ve been in the fashion industry for about six years — I used to run a small custom design business in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve always loved underwear, fetish, latex — anything with a dark aesthetic. Moving back over to the UK was a perfect location to launch this type of brand, especially being so close to Europe and the connections available. Plus, the variety of scenes and what people are into is really endless.

Why is underwear such a big deal for gay men?

Although we cater to gay men, I’d like to think straight guys would also wear our products. We do have a handful of straight followers and customers. I think gay dudes like to show off their assets and asses a little more.

Would you consider yourself to have an underwear fetish?

I have many fetishes, underwear being one if them. I also have a fetish for not wearing underwear.

Your underwear seems to have a specific point of view — who are the men that you’re creating for?

Jack doesn’t necessarily have a specific ‘man’ in mind. I believe we have a visual aesthetic that men like. I design garments that I like, that I would wear, so it seems to be working so far.

I love that our customers are from all walks of life. Underwear is easily hidden under your clothes, so you really have no idea what someone may be hiding. I love the thought of having your regular businessman, but under his suit has on a kinky lace or jock strap.

Latex underwear could get a bit sweaty on the tube? When is the right time to wear latex underwear?

Whenever you want — a little sweat never hurt anyone! Latex is obviously seen all over the fetish industry and seems to be a staple in peoples’ closets.

With this range of products that you’ve just launched, are the new products taking the label in a different direction or expanding your existing range?

We’re still very much a new brand, only a year old. The last year has been a big learning experience, who our customer is, what they like, how they shop. September will be a mini re-brand for us.

The new imagery that we’ve shot sets a clear tone for the brand — new website, new products, new models, and a launch party coming up soon.

The products are slowly expanding the range, there’s more latex, but soon we’ll also have a larger range of fabric underwear. Latex has been brought over to the ‘fashion’ side recently and used more as a fabric, this is what we try to create at Jack — a brand that crosses over from fashion to fetish.

I guess it all depends on the wearer. Some of our garments could be dressed down and worn casually. It depends how daring you are.

Dive into the world of Jack Ldn

  • Photographer: Darren Black
  • Model : Alvaro Augustus
  • Make-up and hair: Ayesha Bowen