If you’ve ever tried to organise a group of people to do anything, you’ll understand some of the complexities involved when it comes to group travel.

Not only do you have to figure out when everyone in your group is available, but then there’s a myriad of different booking platforms and group-chat debates as to how to get there, where to stay, and what to do.

It’s a challenge that water polo teammates Dan Morgan and Danny Hadden both know all too well.

“We play with London Orca…” explains Morgan. “We’re often travelling as a team to tournaments all around the world. Trying to get everyone on the same page, get everyone booked, and then sorting the money out – it’s exhausting.”

“It was when we were on our club’s annual ski trip that we started to think of how we could make life easier for ourselves…” adds Hadden. “I’d been running the trip for a couple of years, and each year it was getting bigger and bigger. That was a lot of fun for everyone on the trip, but a total nightmare for me trying to sort out all of the logistics.”

The result is Wilde Trip – a new group travel platform that Morgan and Hadden have built with support from start-up incubator Founders Factory.

Beyond their passion for water polo, Morgan and Hadden seem uniquely qualified to solve the travel needs of LGBTQ+ sports clubs. Hadden built Stays – a vacation rental platform, and Morgan created the swimming app Splashpath. Together, they’ve got a fairly unique combination of queer sports, travel, and tech that give them a detailed understanding of how LGBTQ+ clubs and events operate.

“We’re only a couple of months into operation, but we’re already seeing a lot of interest from LGBTQ+ sports teams from around the world…” explains Hadden. “We’re working with the Eurogames team in Dusseldorf to test the platform, and we’ll be looking to roll out Wilde Trip to more LGBTQ+ sporting events in months to come.”

“Ultimately, we see Wilde as a place where we can design trips around people, not places…” adds Morgan. “We’re giving groups and communities the tools to make fantastic trips which really sing to their individuality – an exciting concept which is ruffling the feathers of the traditional package-tour companies.”

Get your team organised with Wilde Trip