In a hurry? These quick hook-up fantasies are what you need for a fast fap

Erotic gay comics at their finest.

In a hurry? These quick hook-up fantasies are what you need for a fast fap

The latest release from Class Comics is Mini Hook-Ups #1 by Patrick Fillion.

One of the joys of gay erotic comics is the different genres that they explore and the different ways that erotic content can be created.

With this volume, Patrick Fillion isn't spending too much time on the story or the set-up, Mini Hook-Ups is all about the action.

Fillion says that he concentrated on creating some of the hottest, most cum-soaked comic pages he’s ever drawn. The results are truly spectacular.

Mini Hook-Ups sets all of its action in Gateway City's Obsidian Grand Hotel. This is where heroes come to play.

First up is an encounter between Emil and Byron. Byron Durand is Space Cadet, and this hook-up explores the incest taboo fantasy by pairing Byron with his daddy. It's intense - in a good way.

The second episode in this volume is an encounter between Tyler and Stéphane. Golden Boy and Stéphane Solando get it on from every angle. Guys love it when a sexed-up clown talks dirty to them in French, right?

Moving on, the next encounter in Mini Hook-Ups is a total demon dick-fest as Diablo takes on Incubus. This is another father/son combo, and Incubus stretches his demon daddy Diablo real wide with his big fists.

Closing out the action is a hook-up between Trip and Felix. Trip is the leader of the Unrivalled Alliance and Felix is Naked Justice. These two go hard. If you were successfully edging yourself through the earlier action, it's the cum-flooded fuck-down of Trip and Felix that will definitely push you past the point of no return.

There's a lot to love about erotic gay comics in all their forms, but Mini Hook-Ups #1 is a welcome reminder that a detailed story-line isn't always required - sometimes, all you need is a big hard dick and an itch that needs to be scratched.

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