"How’s your week been?" asked Kellen.
"Busy!" said Hamish.
"Busy?" said Kellen. "Doing what?"
"Dating... replied Hamish.
"You mean hook-ups?" said Kellen.
"No..." said Hamish. "Dating."
"Dating?" asked Kellen. "What are you talking about?"
"You know, dating..." repeated Hamish. "When you meet someone for a coffee or a drink and you have a conversation with them."
"You’re dating?" asked Kellen. "Like, proper grown-up dating? Why?"
"What do you mean, why?" laughed Hamish.
"Why are you dating?" asked Kellen.
"That’s what people do, isn’t it?" shrugged Hamish. "I’ve watched a lot of Sex and The City. People date."
"True..." nodded Kellen. "People date. But you’re a slut whose longest relationship is two days. Why are you dating?"
"Three days..." corrected Hamish. "My longest relationship was three days."
"I stand corrected..." smiled Kellen. "My question is still valid."
"I don’t know..." shrugged Hamish. "I thought I’d give it a try."
"Sure, that’s fair enough, I guess..." nodded Kellen. "How’s it working out for you?"
"It hasn’t been a total disaster..." replied Hamish.
"Well, that sounds encouraging?" laughed Kellen.
"I mean, I’m just not sure what all the fuss is about..." said Hamish.
"Maybe you’re doing it wrong?" suggested Kellen.
"Guys message me, they want to meet..." explained Hamish. "We go for a coffee or a drink. We have inane conversations about nothing. Then we go our separate ways."
"That does sound a lot like dating..." agreed Kellen.
"Why isn’t there any sex?" asked Hamish.
"I think it’s about getting to know the other person a bit before having sex..." suggested Kellen.
"That seems to be a bit over-rated..." sighed Hamish.
"You’re probably right..." nodded Kellen. "Where are you meeting these guys who want to go on dates with you?"
"Tinder..." replied Hamish.
"Tinder?" said Kellen. "Since when are you on Tinder?"
"My therapist suggested it..." said Hamish.
"Therapist?" asked Kellen. "Since when have you been in therapy?"
"I said that I was worried I was becoming a sex addict so she suggested that I give dating a try..." explained Hamish.
"Right..." nodded Kellen. "Wow. Okay."
"I think I’d prefer to be a sex addict..." decided Hamish.
"Really?" asked Kellen.
"It’s more interesting than dating..." decided Hamish. "It's a lot more interesting than dating."

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