"How was your massage?" asked Hamish.

"Amazing..." replied Marc.

"Amazing?" said Hamish.

"Yes, totally amazing..." nodded Marc. "It was the first time I’d been to this guy, so that’s always a bit of an unknown, but I was so happy with this guy that I’d be keen to see him regularly."

"You’ve seen others before?" asked Hamish. "Why haven’t they become regulars?"

"I don’t know really..." shrugged Marc. "I’ve only seen one other guy here in London. The other was down in Bournemouth. Both times, I walked away knowing that I wouldn’t be back."

"What made this guy different?" asked Hamish.

"Al..." said Marc. "His name is Al."

"What made Al different?" repeated Hamish.

"It’s hard to explain..." shrugged Marc. "It was just that the whole package worked for me."

"Okay..." sighed Hamish. "We’re going to have to get into the details. How did you find him?"

"He was listed on Gaydar..." replied Marc. "He was advertising massage services."

"Why did you choose him?" asked Hamish.

"I liked his photo and he replied to my message..." said Marc.

"You went to his place?" asked Hamish.

"Yes..." nodded Marc. "He's got a nice apartment in one of the new-build blocks on Blackfriars Road. He’s not messing around - he has a dedicated massage room all set up."

"You were naked?" asked Hamish.

"Yes..." nodded Marc.

"He was naked?" asked Hamish.

"Yes..." nodded Marc.

"Was he hot?" asked Hamish.

"Totally..." confirmed Marc. "Not in an intimidating way, but in a sexy French way. The kind of guy that you look at and know that you want his hands all over your body."

"How were his skills?" asked Hamish.

"He does proper massage..." said Marc. "He obviously knows his stuff. Even if he hadn’t been naked, I’d have felt like I was getting a good experience."

"Mutual touching?" asked Hamish.

"Not really..." replied Marc. "I mean, he wasn’t shy about letting his cock and balls rub all over me. I probably could have put my hands on him, but I didn’t. Maybe next time."

"Did you get hard?" asked Hamish.

"Yes..." nodded Marc. "He worked every inch of me over."

"Did you cum?" asked Hamish.

"No..." said Marc. "I kind of knew that I wouldn’t. I told him that I want going to cum, so there was no pressure."

"Interesting..." said Hamish.

"Interesting?" smiled Marc.

"Well, yeah..." shrugged Hamish. "Interesting. I’m interested in giving it a try."

"You’ve never had an erotic gay massage before?" asked Marc.

"No..." confirmed Hamish. "I’m an erotic gay massage virgin. But I’m definitely a bit curious."

"I’ll give you his number..." said Marc. "You will not regret getting worked over by Al."

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