"Why is your hand orange?" asked Charlie.

"You’d think that tinted moisturiser would have some kind of warning on it..." shrugged Kellen, studying the palm of his left hand which was stained with colour.

" A warning for what?" asked Charlie.

"That it’s not a good option for jack-off lube..." explained Kellen.

"You jacked off with tinted moisturiser?" laughed Charlie.

"You say that like it was a bad decision?" frowned Kellen.

"Well, it seems pretty clear that it was..." said Charlie.

"It won’t take long to wear off, right?" asked Kellen.

"Sure, who’s going to notice that you’ve got an orange hand..." shrugged Charlie.

"I’ve got a whole bottle of the stuff..." said Kellen.

"Just use a different lube!" laughed Charlie.

"That would be a waste of the moisturiser!" exclaimed Kellen.

"You’re an idiot..." sighed Charlie. "An idiot with an orange hand."

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