"How was your New Year’s Eve?" asked Marc.

"Exhausting..." replied Kellen.

"Exhausting?" said Marc. "Why? Weren’t you hanging out with your sister?"

"Yes, she was in town with her family..." confirmed Kellen. "She’s totally relaxed, but my inner event manager kicks in and I get a bit over the top."

"So what, it didn’t go well?" asked Marc.

"It went perfectly..." shrugged Kellen. "Early dinner at Hutong, then the fireworks."

"Did you have a good position for the fireworks?" asked Marc.

"Perfect..." confirmed Kellen. "We we were in the Pink zone."

"Obviously..." smiled Marc. "Where was the Pink Zone?"

"On Waterloo Bridge..." explained Kellen. "It was ideal. We got a great view of the fireworks, but you’ve got to get there early so there’s a lot of standing around. I’m not sure I need to do it again."

"What about the dinner at Hutong?" asked Marc. "Did they enjoy that?"

"Yes, loved it..." nodded Kellen. "The food was good, and they loved the view, obviously. I was surprised that they hadn’t sold out that early dinner sitting. There were plenty of spare tables."

"Maybe because it was hideously over-priced?" suggested Marc.

"Well, yes - there is that..." agreed Kellen. "You wouldn’t go if you were local, but I thought that there would be plenty of tourists who’s be up for that kind of thing."

"Did you get them on the London Eye?" asked Marc.

"Yes, they did that Monday evening..." confirmed Kellen.

"Champagne package?" asked Marc.

"Naturally..." nodded Kellen. "It’s honestly the only way to tackle it - it’s so chaotic. I’m really happy with all my organising, it’s just that I get so bossy and officious - making sure that they’re on time, explaining which bus to get on, which of the brothers in the off-licence is my favourite. Everything."

"They were staying at yours?" asked Marc.

"Yes, I gave them my flat and I crashed at Niall’s..." nodded Kellen. "Anyway, sorry, I just needed to download all of that. What did you get up to?"

"I met up with Clayton..." replied Marc.

"Clayton the porn-star?" asked Kellen.

"Yes..." nodded Marc. "But I think it’s over-stating it a bit to call him a porn-star."

"He does live sex-shows and he has a JustFor.Fans channel..." shrugged Kellen. "Doesn’t that make him a porn-star?"

"Don’t be ridiculous..." dismissed Marc. "Everyone has a JustFor.Fans channel."

"Did you go out?" asked Kellen. "Or was it a night in?"

"We went to a house party with his friends..." confirmed Marc. "But, as soon as midnight hit, we bailed and went back to his."

"Is the sex still amazing?" asked Kellen.

"Amazing..." nodded Marc. "Like, the best. He’s only small, but every inch of his body is dynamite."

"I guess he’s had a fair bit of experience?" suggested Kellen.

"That sounds like you’re slut-shaming..." frowned Marc.

"I’m not!" insisted Kellen. "I’m just assuming that he’s had a lot more sex than I have. He’s probably really good at it?"

"I guess that might be part of it..." shrugged Marc. "He’s totally uninhibited, which I really like. The sex is awesome, but it’s not just the sex - he’s also a really nice guy. I'm really into him."

"Maybe you'll be making an appearance on his JustFor.Fans channel?" suggested Kellen.

"Maybe I already have..." winked Marc. "You'll have to subscribe to his content in order to find out."

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