"Hey, how’s your day been?" asked Kellen.

"Not bad..." shrugged Charlie. "I went and saw a film."

"What did you see?"

"Into the unknown..." sang Charlie.

"You did not..." dismissed Kellen.

"Into the unknown..." sang Charlie, again.

"Please stop singing!" exclaimed Kellen.

"Into the unknown!" sang Charlie, at the top of his voice, struggling to hit the final notes.

"Was it any good?" asked Kellen.

"It was okay..." shrugged Charlie. "Not gay enough for my liking, but it was okay."

"Nothing is gay enough for your liking..." observed Kellen.

"True..." nodded Charlie. "But this felt like a return to the days of trying to project your gay fantasies into every story, looking for coded signals and subtext even where there probably isn’t any. I mean, just show me some gays!"

"I know, right?" agreed Kellen. "It’s not like we’re asking Disney to produce full-on gay porn, but just show us some gays!"

"What’s happened to the Swedish place?" asked Charlie.

"Not sure..." shrugged Kellen. "It was just closed with the shutter down when I walked past."

"I hope it hasn’t closed..." said Charlie. "I really like that place."

"I know, right?" agreed Kellen. "How’s things at work?"

"Pretty relaxed..." shrugged Charlie. "I’m on day-shift at the moment. Most of the time pretty much nothing happens, although yesterday a guy just kind of collapsed on us."

"Was it a G overdose?" asked Kellen.

"He said he hadn’t taken anything, but I’m not sure to be honest..." replied Charlie.

"He’d fallen down the stairs, so someone brought him up to me at reception, then he sort of collapsed again."

"Ambulance?" asked Kellen.

"No..." said Charlie. "I thought we probably should, but once we sat him down and gave him some water he seemed to recover pretty quickly. I'm pretty much a doctor now."

"Don't be ridiculous..." dismissed Kellen. "Gays can't be doctors."

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