"How’s the repairs going at the flat?" asked Marc.
"Slowly..." replied Kellen.
"How slowly?" asked Marc.
"I’ve still got the drying machines going..." explained Kellen.
"Oh?" said Marc. "How much longer will they need to run?"
"Hopefully only a couple more days..." shrugged Kellen. "They came back to see them after one week and said that they needed at least another week."
"Is the insurance company going to pay up?" asked Marc.
"I think so..." nodded Kellen. "I’ve got the assessor coming tomorrow to look at it."
"I thought they’d already done the inspection?" asked Marc.
"They had..." confirmed Kellen. "But then, the assessor who was handling the claim seems to have left in mysterious circumstances and so the new assessor is effectively starting from scratch."
"Did you see that email exchange between Lesley and Mehmet?" asked Marc.
"I know, right?" nodded Kellen. "I’m going to stay right out of it. If she wants to fight that fight then good luck to her. I just want some insurance money so I can repair my flat. Anyway, I can’t talk about it any more, it’s too depressing. What have you been up to?"
"I went and saw Last Christmas..." replied Marc.
"What is that, a film?" asked Kellen. "It’s a bit early for a Christmas film, isn’t it?"
"True..." agreed Marc. "It uses the music of George Michael."
"Any good?" asked Kellen.
"I’ve seen worse films..." shrugged Marc. "The problem with it though is that there’s no gays in it."
"What do you mean?" asked Kellen. "It’s a straight love story? That’s not so surprising is it?"
"No, true..." agreed Marc. "But there’s no gays anywhere in the movie. Like, zero. When have you ever had a day in London when you haven’t seen a gay man?"
"Maybe they were wiped out by some kind of virus?" suggested Kellen.
"Not funny..." said Marc. "I don’t know why I have to repeat this, but pandemic jokes aren’t funny."

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