"Where have you been?" demanded Marc. "Why I haven’t you responded to any of my messages?"

"I had my phone stolen..." explained Charlie.

"What a nightmare!" exclaimed Marc. "What happened?"

"I was walking home from work, reading an article about long-distance flights..." replied Charlie.

"On your phone?" asked Marc. "While you were walking?"

"Then suddenly, there were these guys on a scooter..." continued Charlie.

"You’re an idiot..." sighed Marc.

"What?" protested Charlie.

"You know better to be flashing your phone around in the street!" insisted Marc.

"You could be a little sympathetic..." pouted Charlie.

"I’m sorry that you lost your phone, but you’re still an idiot..." smiled Marc. "Was it covered by insurance at all?"

"Obviously not..." sighed Charlie.

"Have you got a replacement yet?" asked Marc.

"No..." replied Charlie. "I can’t really afford it."

"I’ve got a spare one at home..." said Marc. "After we’re done with this, come back to mine and we’ll get you reconnected with the world."

"You’re a good friend..." smiled Charlie. "What is this anyway?"

"It’s another of those BFI screenings..." explained Marc. "Tommy."

"I’m not familiar..." admitted Charlie.

"It’s a classic..." explained Marc. "A rock opera."

"A musical?" asked Charlie.

"Well, kind of..." agreed Marc. "But they call it a rock opera."

"Rocpra?" suggested Charlie. "That’s a thing?"

"I guess so..." nodded Marc. "But no one calls it that. Why don’t you write a rock opera?"

"Because I have no talent for music and my writing doesn’t sell?" replied Charlie.

"Just a suggestion..." winked Marc. "Just a suggestion."

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh / Unsplash

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