"Guess who I’ve been chatting with today?" said Charlie.
"Cher?" guessed Kellen.
"That’s a terrible guess!" exclaimed Charlie. "Why would you guess Cher?"
"It’s not that terrible..." insisted Kellen. "She’s in town, isn’t she? A farewell tour or something?"
"Whatever, it wasn’t Cher..." dismissed Charlie. "Guess again."
"I give up..." shrugged Kellen. "Who?"
"You’re terrible at this game..." sighed Charlie. "It was Rocco Steele!"
"Who?" asked Kellen.
"Don’t play dumb..." said Charlie. "I know how much porn you watch."
"What were you doing chatting with Rocco Steele?" asked Kellen.
"It was an interview..." explained Charlie. "It wasn’t really chatting, to be honest, it was emailing."
"You were emailing Rocco Steele?" clarified Kellen. "That’s slightly less exciting."
"Anyway, the point is that Rocco and I now have a personal connection..." continued Charlie. "Maybe we’ll meet up next time he’s in London."
"You don’t thing you might be reading a little too much into his emails?" suggested Kellen.
"He might even ask to film with me for his JustFor.Fans channel..." added Charlie. "I've always fancied myself as a bit of a porn star."
"Now you’re just projecting your fantasies..." laughed Kellen. "You’d be a terrible porn star! As if you’d be able to handle what Rocco is packing!"
"The fact remains that today I’ve been chatting with Rocco Steele..." insisted Charlie. "There's no need to let your insecurities stop you from being happy for me."