"Why are we here again?" asked Kellen.
"Um, it’s free..." shrugged Marc. "Suck it up. Crystal Beth is performing."
"Crystal?" repeated Kellen. "Drag Race?"
"Obvs..." shrugged Marc.
"What is she going to do here?" asked Kellen. "She’s not a singer is she?"
"No..." agreed Marc. "She’s usually more acrobatics and pole dancing."
"That’s not really the set-up that they’ve got here?" observed Kellen.
"No, you’re right..." agreed Marc. "Maybe she’ll tell jokes?"
"Crystal?" said Kellen. "I can’t see that."
"Oh well, it’s free..." shrugged Marc. "Let’s focus on that."
"We’d better get some more drinks..." decided Kellen, looking around for the waitress who was in charge of their table. "Did I tell you that Sam emailed me?"
"I thought he might..." nodded Marc.
"What?" said Kellen. "Why would you think he might email me?"
"He messaged me..." shrugged Marc. "To get your email address."
"Why would he do that?" asked Kellen. "Why would he message you to get my email address? Anyway, I haven’t changed my email address. It’s still the same."
"I think he was double-checking that it was a good idea to email you?" suggested Marc.
"Why would he do that?" asked Kellen. "It’s not like we fell out or anything? Anyway, it was just some tax question about the flat."
"I know..." nodded Marc.
"What?" said Kellen.
"He told me..." shrugged Marc.
"Why would he tell you that?" asked Kellen.
"I don’t know..." replied Marc. "I guess he didn’t want me to think he was trying to get back with you."
"Oh..." nodded Kellen. "I thought maybe that’s why he was getting in touch."
"Obviously..." nodded Marc.
"Obviously what?" asked Kellen.
"He obviously wants to get back with you..." explained Marc.
"Really?" asked Kellen. "You think so?"
"Totally..." nodded Marc.
"What makes you say that?" asked Kellen.
"What was his question about the tax?" asked Marc.
"Oh, I can’t remember..." shrugged Kellen. "It was nothing important."
"Exactly..." smiled Marc.
"Wait, what?" said Kellen.
"He didn’t need to ask you anything about tax..." explained Marc. "He just wanted an excuse to make contact with you."
"I’m not sure how I feel about that..." mumbled Kellen.
"I’m pretty sure you’re going to start seeing him again..." decided Marc.
"Why do you say that?" asked Kellen.
"I know you..." shrugged Marc. "I know you."