"What’s happened to you?" asked Sandra. "It looks like you’ve been punched in the face! Is that a black eye?"

"Um, no..." replied Kellen. "It’s carpet burn."

"What?" laughed Sandra. "Carpet burn? How did you get carpet burn on your face?"

"It’s a bit embarrassing..." mumbled Kellen.

"I’m listening..." insisted Sandra.

"I was down in Cardiff for my cousin’s birthday party..." explained Kellen. "We all got a bit loose. When I was climbing the stairs to go to bed I somehow slipped and face-planted the stairs."

"Lucky they’ve got carpet on them!" laughed Sandra.

"I guess that’s the positive way to look at it..." shrugged Kellen.

"Was your fancy dress outfit a hit?" asked Sandra.

"It was pretty successful..." nodded Kellen. "The overalls were comfortable to wear, and I look great in a wig."

"Who had the best costume?" asked Sandra.

"There were some good ones there..." replied Kellen. "I think my favourite was the guy who dressed as Mary Berry. He walked in with the wig and the pearls, carrying a sponge. Impressive work. What did you get up to?"

"I had a date!" declared Sandra.

"I thought you’d sworn off dating?" asked Kellen.

"That’s not important right now..." dismissed Sandra.

"Who was the date with?" asked Kellen. "Guy or girl?"

"It was a guy..." replied Sandra. "Get this - I met him at the gym!"

"Since when do you go to the gym?" laughed Kellen.

"Try and be a little supportive!" demanded Sandra. "Obviously I go to the gym. You know that I go to the gym."

"I’ve literally never heard of you ever going to the gym..." said Kellen.

"Anyway, the point is that I went to the gym and I met his guy who asked me out on a date..." continued Sandra.

"Good for you!" grinned Kellen. "Where did you go?"

"We walked around Southbank and had a few drinks..." replied Sandra.

"So romantic..." nodded Kellen.

"There’s no need to be sarcastic..." sighed Sandra.

"I’m not!" insisted Kellen. "This is my serious face. That is actually a romantic thing to do!"

Photo by Rob Coates / Unsplash

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