"What is this again?" asked Sandra.
"A book launch..." explained Kellen. "A gay book. For kids. It’s very important."
"Do you know anyone here?" asked Sandra.
"A few familiar faces..." shrugged Kellen. "No one I’m hugely keen to talk to."
"Why is your back sweaty?" asked Sandra.
"My rucksack..." explained Kellen. "I walked here."
"Idiot..." scoffed Sandra. "You can’t turn up to a gay drinks reception with a sweaty back. These drinks are free, right?"
"I’m assuming so..." shrugged Kellen. "Let’s just grab some and see what happens."
"What about that buffet of cheese?" asked Sandra.
"Not sure..." replied Kellen. "It looks delicious. Let’s wait and see if anyone else goes for it."
"What is this place?" asked Sandra. "It’s all very fancy - in a kind of look how cool and relaxed we are, we don’t even care about the money - kind of way."
"That cheese is definitely up for grabs..." decided Kellen. "I just saw a lesbian making a lunge for the Camembert. Um, this is WeWork - you know, one of those WeWork places."
"WeWork..." repeated Sandra. "I’m not familiar."
"With the brand?" asked Kellen. "Or the concept of work?"
"There no need to be a cunt..." said Sandra.

"You can't say that!" gasped Kellen.

"I can..." insisted Sandra. "I'm a woman. We're reclaiming that word."

"No, I meant that you can't say that here..." explained Kellen. "It's the launch of a children's book!"

"There's no children here..." dismissed Sandra. "Just a lot of queers here for the free drinks. Anway, explain WeWork to me."
"They’re a big global kind of operation..." shrugged Kellen. "Hot desks for entrepreneurs."
"Sounds a bit Stalinist..." decided Sandra. "Work will set you free."
"Was that Stalin?" questioned Kellen. "I’ve got a feeling it was Orwell. Or maybe Thatcher. I’m self conscious about my sweaty back now. There’s people sitting behind us. Maybe we should stand up?"
"Go and get us some more drinks..." instructed Sandra. "And some cheese!"

Photo by Mehrdad Haghighi / Unsplash