"I mean, I really like being in a relationship..." said Shane. "Plus, the great thing is that he wants to have sex with me, a lot."
"He’s into you?" asked Kellen.
"Don’t sound so surprised!" exclaimed Shane. "He’s really into me! He’s always hungry for what I’m serving."
"Gross..." complained Kellen.
"But..." continued Shane.
"I’m listening..." confirmed Kellen.
"While the sex we have is good - really good - I mean, honestly some of the best ever..." said Shane.
"Stop bragging..." interjected Kellen.
"It’s just that it’s all very intimate and loving..." shrugged Shane.
"That sounds dreamy!" laughed Kellen. "What’s the problem?"
"Well, while I’m totally into that..." explained Shane. "It’s just that sometimes, you know, it’s nice to mix it up a bit. Sometimes you just want to be held down and really fucked, you know?"
"You want him to try different things?" nodded Kellen.
"No, it’s more that I want to try different things..." corrected Shane. "I want to try different people."
"You want an open relationship?" asked Kellen.
"I guess so..." shrugged Shane.
"Have you mentioned it to him?" asked Kellen.
"It was a hard no..." replied Shane. "He’s not into it."
"What if you explored some things together?" suggested Kellen.
"No, that’s not what I want..." said Shane. "I don’t want to discuss it with him at all. I want to go off by myself, have a filthy adventure in a dark room, and then go back to the normal loving relationship that meets 90 percent of my needs."
"You want a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy..." decided Kellen.
"Exactly!" confirmed Shane.

"Like a soldier..." nodded Kellen. "That's hot."

Photo by James Barr / Unsplash