"Jesus, what have you done to your face?" asked Niall.
"Oh, it’s nothing..." dismissed Kellen.
"You look like you’ve been in a fight!" exclaimed Niall. "What’s all that bruising?"
"Honestly, it’s nothing..." insisted Kellen. "I just got some laser treatment on my face."
"Laser treatment?" repeated Niall. "Treatment for what?"
"You know how my cheeks are kind of red?" explained Kellen.
"Not really..." replied Niall. "Can’t say that I’ve ever really noticed."
"Oh well, this was to try and sort that out..." said Kellen.
"So, this is better than having slightly red cheeks?" asked Niall.
"Well, I think it will be..." shrugged Kellen. "When the bruising goes down."
"Crazy..." laughed Niall.
"What’s news with you?" asked Kellen.
"Nothing really..." shrugged Niall. "I just feel really unsettled by this whole Brexit mess."
"Please don’t make me talk about it..." said Kellen. "It just does my head in.

"What are you up to this weekend?" asked Niall.
"It’s Sandra’s birthday party..." replied Kellen. "It’s fancy dress."
"Of course it is..." grinned Niall. "What’s the theme?"
"Come as someone off the tele..." said Kellen.
"Fairly straightforward..." nodded Niall. "Who are you doing?"
"Big Red from Orange Is The New Black..." replied Kellen.
"So basic..." mocked Niall.
"I know..." admitted Kellen. "But I wanted something relatively straightforward. Who would you do?"
"John Bercow?" suggested Niall.
"Stop trying to get me to talk about Brexit!" exclaimed Kellen. "I honestly can't take much more!"

London Fashion Week
Photo by Brunel Johnson / Unsplash

"Did Boris say anything interesting?" asked Charlie.
"Not really..." replied Kellen. "It was a bit like he was making an after-dinner toast, or perhaps moving a motion at the annual meeting of the hunting and fishing society for upper-class twats. What’s this film that we’re seeing?"
"Midnight Cowboy..." said Charlie.
"It’s new?" asked Kellen.
"No, don’t be ridiculous..." dismissed Charlie. "It’s a classic. Schlesinger. It’s the 50th anniversary of its release."
"Oh, right..." nodded Kellen. "I don’t think I’ve seen it before."
"Try not to judge it by today’s standards..." cautioned Charlie.
"What does that mean?" asked Kellen. "Isn’t it any good?"
"It won Best Picture at the Oscars..." explained Charlie. "It’s kind of one of the first proper gay films ever made but it can seem a bit problematic today."

Photo by Lucas Sankey / Unsplash