"So, how did it go last night at Hard On?" asked Kellen.

"Good..." replied Hamish.

"Right..." nodded Kellen. "Are you going to expand on that at all?"

"Well, I went..." explained Hamish. "I had a couple of drinks, I danced a bit, I went home."

"That’s it?" asked Kellen.

"That’s it..." confirmed Hamish.

"No action?" asked Kellen.

"No action..." confirmed Hamish.

"It’s a sex party!" exclaimed Kellen. "How is it possible that you didn’t have sex?"

"Maybe it was my dancing?" suggested Hamish. "I think I was just giving off a bit of a 'don’t touch me' vibe."

"I don’t get you..." shrugged Kellen. "You’re not unattractive."

"Thank you..." grinned Hamish. "I’m going to take that as a compliment."

"You know what I mean..." insisted Kellen. "I wouldn’t have sex with you because you’re my friend and I love you. But you’re not totally unfuckable. There would have been guys there who would have had sex with you."

"In theory, yes..." agreed Hamish.

"All that douching for nothing..." sighed Kellen. "Why go to a sex party if you’re not interested in having sex with anyone? Maybe you’re asexual?"

"I’m not sure that asexual is actually a thing..." replied Hamish. "Anyway, I’m definitely not asexual. I want to have sex. There were guys there that I wanted to have sex with. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not as sexually liberated as you."

"Hey, we don’t slut-shame..." corrected Kellen. "I just don’t have your hang-ups."

"What did you do last night?" asked Hamish.

"I had a date..." replied Kellen.

"What do you mean?" asked Hamish.

"You know - a date..." repeated Kellen. "Me and another guy."

"You mean a hookup..." decided Hamish.

"No, a date..." insisted Kellen. "There was no sex. We chatted on Gaydar. I went to Stoke Newington to meet him. We sat in the park and had a beer. Talked a bit."

"A date..." repeated Hamish. "Weird."

"I know, right?" grinned Kellen.

"Are you going to see him again?" asked Hamish.

"Maybe, I don’t know..." shrugged Kellen. "But I kind of liked going on a date. It felt very grown up."

"Maybe I should try dating?" suggested Hamish.

"Don’t be ridiculous..." scoffed Kellen. "You can’t even get off at a sex party. One step at a time."

I had the privilege of shooting some headshots for a very close friend of mine back in 2015. What makes me most proud about this shoot is that, not only did we shoot these pictures in my house’s hallway, it also landed him many rolls on short films. It even got him his first Acting Agent.  Keep it up Cameron! Love you bud.
Instagram: @cameronphayes
Photo by Albert Dera / Unsplash

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