"How were things down in Cardiff?" asked Sandra.
"All good..." replied Kellen. "It was nice to just spend a couple of days hanging out with them all."
"How’s all the family?" asked Sandra. "Everyone okay?"
"Yeah, they’re fine..." shrugged Kellen. "Normal petty dramas - the teenagers are being difficult, the aunts and uncles are getting older, but nothing major. How was your weekend?"
"Oh, fine..." replied Sandra.
"Oh..." said Kellen. "That doesn’t sound good. What do you mean - fine? What happened?"
"I kind of finished things with Robert..." explained Sandra.
"Robert?" asked Kellen.
"You know, Robert..." said Sandra. "Robert - the guy that I’m seeing."
"Flower Market Guy?" clarified Kellen. "What happened?"
"I don’t really want to talk about it..." shrugged Sandra.
"Don’t be ridiculous..." insisted Kellen. "We either dissect this entire situation in minute detail or I have to try and make sense of Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy. It’s no contest. Why did you dump Flower Market Guy?"
"Well, I guess technically it was him that broke it off with me..." admitted Sandra.
"Oh, I see..." nodded Kellen. "You’re the dump-ee. What went wrong?"
"I refused to go on holidays with him and his daughter..." explained Sandra.
"Didn’t fancy it?" asked Kellen.
"No!" exclaimed Sandra. "God, can you imagine it? She’s 12. I have no interest in being that child’s new mommy."
"That’s fair enough..." nodded Kellen. "It would be a bit of a boner-killer. He didn’t take that well?"
"No, he did not..." confirmed Sandra. "He called me immature and selfish."
"Ouch..." winced Kellen. "No chance of a compromise?"
"There’s more chance of me being invited to be one of Lizzo’s back-up dancers during her flute solo..." admitted Sandra. "I am now officially single."

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"Are you on Snapchat?" asked Charlie.
"What?" replied Marc.
"You know, Snapchat?" repeated Charlie.
"Oh, right..." nodded Marc. "Snapchat. No, I don’t think so. Is anyone? What is it again?"
"You know what Snapchat is..." insisted Charlie. "If you were under 25, you’d be on Snapchat."
"That’s homophobic..." decided Marc. "Why are you so obsessed with Snapchat?"
"Google gave Pink News millions to boost their Snapchat channel..." explained Charlie.
"Millions?" queried Marc.
"Well, I’m not exactly sure if the figures, but everyone says it was a lot of money..." said Charlie.
"Why would they do that?" asked Marc. "Does Google own Snapchat?"
"How are you so out of the loop about what’s going on in the world!" exclaimed Charlie.
"I don’t know..." shrugged Marc. "I guess I just haven’t been following this kind of thing that closely."
"What do you follow closely?" asked Charlie.
"Apart from porn?" clarified Marc.
"Yes, apart from porn..." confirmed Charlie.
"Oh, nothing really..." admitted Marc. "It’s pretty much just all porn."

London Fashion Week
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"You’ve been made redundant?" said Kellen. "What happened?"
"I don’t want to talk about it..." mumbled David.
"Are you kidding me?" exclaimed Kellen. "We’ve specifically met for coffee so we can talk about this precise thing. Don’t play coy with me, give me the details!"
"I really don’t want to talk about..." insisted David. "It’s all too upsetting."
"Okay..." acknowledged Kellen. "Let’s put a pin in that then, shall we? We can come back to it later after I’ve loosened you up with a couple of coffees. What’s new on the dating front?"
"I’m still not seeing anyone..." shrugged David. "Still living with my ex."
"Well, you’re consistent..." grinned Kellen. "I’ll give you that."
"Jesus you can be a cunt sometimes..." sighed David.
"It’s humour!" exclaimed Kellen. "I’m using humour to lighten the mood!"
"Sorry..." apologised David. "It’s just all been a bit of a head-fuck lately."
"I know..." nodded Kellen. "Don’t worry about. Things generally have a way of sorting themselves out. "
"Do they?" asked David.
"Absolutely..." nodded Kellen. "I’ve been made redundant several times. It always feels like a total kick in the nuts, but something always turns up. Trust me. You’ll be fine."
"I like your confidence..." sighed David. "Can you pay for the coffee?"

Photo by Cristian Lozan / Unsplash

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