"I was at The King’s Arms last night..." said Hamish.

"Who were you there with?" asked Kellen.

"That’s not important right now..." dismissed Hamish. "There was an old guy there."

"How old?" asked Kellen.

"Really old..." confirmed Hamish. "We’re talking at least 60. He was smashed. Totally smashed. Dancing around, falling over everyone. Taking his t-shirt off. Bear in mind, this was a Tuesday night."

"Was the bar busy?" asked Kellen.

"Surprisingly busy..." nodded Hamish.

"Where’s this story going?" asked Kellen. "What’s your point, caller?"

"I just kind of pictured myself at that age..." shrugged Hamish. "I hope that I’m spending every Tuesday night in a gay bar getting totally smashed."

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh / Unsplash

"I went and saw Everyone Loves Jamie last night..." said Charlie.

"You’re a bit late to the part on that one, aren’t you?" said Kellen. "It’s been out for years!"

"Have you seen it?" asked Charlie.

"No, but I feel like I have..." shrugged Kellen. "Young queer boy sings and dances his way into everyone’s heart. I kind of imagine that it’s just like Billy Elliott but without the miners."

"Yes, that pretty much sums it up..." nodded Charlie. "I liked it though, it was good. But I was sitting next to this girl who was super-annoying."

"Why was she annoying?" asked Kellen.

"She talked constantly..." explained Charlie. "All the way through the entire show."

"Was she talking to you?" asked Kellen.

"No, her boyfriend..." replied Charlie. "He was quite cute. At the end, I wanted to say something to him."

"What would you have said?" asked Kellen.

"I don’t know..." shrugged Charlie. "She was pretty enough, but so annoying! He could definitely do a lot better than her."

"I’m sure he would have thanked you for that advice..." grinned Kellen. "Who’d you go with?"

"Marc..." replied Charlie. "He bought tickets. He said I needed cheering up."

"Do you?" asked Kellen. "Why do you need cheering up? Apart from the obvious stuff, of course."

"The obvious stuff?" repeated Charlie. "What do you mean? My constant struggle with anxiety and my daily battle to keep the weight off?"

"That’s a Drag Race quote, right?" clarified Kellen.

"Obviously..." confirmed Charlie. "I’m fine really. I don’t know, I sometimes just feel like I’m completely ballsing up my life."

"I think everyone feels like that, don’t they?" said Kellen.

"Do they?" asked Charlie. "I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse."

"You probably just need to sing and dance your way into everyone’s hearts?" suggested Kellen.

"I know right?" agreed Charlie. "Queer kids today have got it so easy."

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