"This doesn’t feel very summery..." grumbled Marc.
"It’s just a bit of rain?" smiled Kellen.
"It’s mid-August!" exclaimed Marc. "Why is it so grey and gloomy?"
"It’s London..." shrugged Kellen. "It’s always grey and gloomy."
"Are you finished dog-sitting duties?" asked Marc.
"Yes, Niall got back last night..." confirmed Kellen. "I was a bit sad to have to say goodbye to Harry."
"You’ve got separation anxiety about Niall’s dog?" laughed Marc.
"I have anxiety about everything..." sighed Kellen. "What’s news with you?"
"I rubbed up against a guy in the sauna at the gym..." shrugged Marc.
"That sounds romantic..." nodded Kellen.
"The weird thing was that he seemed very familiar..." added Marc.
"Why is that weird?" asked Kellen. "You’ve probably rubbed up against him in the sauna before?"
"That’s what I assumed, obviously..." nodded Marc. "But I asked him if we’d ever hooked-up before and he said no. He said it was his first time at the gym."
"He could just be lying?" suggested Kellen. "Guys tend to do that a bit."
"But why would he lie?" asked Marc. "Weird. I’ve definitely seen him somewhere before - everything about him felt familiar."
"Everything?" grinned Kellen.
"Everything..." nodded Marc.
"Do you want to go and see the new Tarantino movie tonight?" asked Kellen.
"I don’t think I do, do I?" replied Marc.
"It’s meant to be good..." shrugged Kellen.
"I just find his stuff hyper-violent and misogynist..." objected Marc. "Just attention-seeking, really. Shocking for the sake of causing a bit of controversy."
"I think this one is just about the movie business in Los Angeles, isn’t it?" said Kellen.
"What, like La La Land?" asked Marc.
"Well, without the dancing..." replied Kellen. "I’ll buy the popcorn?"

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