"I went and had an erotic massage last night..." said Charlie.
"What?" exclaimed Hamish. "An erotic massage - why would you do that?"
"It's research..." shrugged Charlie. "For an article I'm writing."
"Sure, research..." laughed Hamish. "Let's call it that, shall we? Research my ass."
"This was the second one I've tried..." continued Charlie. "I'm really getting to like it!"
"Of course you are!" grinned Hamish. "What's not to like? Don't they just rub some oil on you and then jack you off?"
"Well, yes..." admitted Charlie. "But, there's more to it than that."
"I'm listening..." said Hamish.
"Okay, well, the first one I tried was Marcello..." explained Charlie. "A small guy, really fit and lean. Brazilian. He was all about a full body massage."
"What does that mean?" asked Hamish.
"Well, he sort of climbed on top of me and used every part of his body to massage me..." replied Charlie.
"You were both naked?" asked Hamish.
"Obviously..." nodded Charlie. "It was kind of sexual but not really sexual. His massage skills were really good."
"I bet they were..." grinned Hamish.
"No, seriously..." insisted Charlie. "He was good at giving a massage."
"Were you hard?" asked Hamish. "Was he hard?"
"I was a bit, but not totally..." shrugged Charlie. "He jacked me a bit. But the time was up before I was even close."
"You didn't cum?" asked Hamish.
"He jacked me a bit and kind of said - Do you want to try and cum?" explained Charlie. "I wasn't even close. It was only a 30-minute session. I would have needed another 30 minutes if I was going to cum."
"How much does he charge for that?" asked Hamish.
"That was £70..." replied Charlie.
"That seems like pretty good money..." nodded Hamish.
"His apartment was really nice..." agreed Charlie.
"So, what was the next guy like?" asked Hamish.
"The next guy was Ross..." replied Charlie. "He was a bit older, but a nice guy - he had a good energy, much chattier than Marcello had been. An English guy. I don't think Ross had the technical training that Marcello had, but still - it was a really good massage."
"Did he climb all over you as well?" asked Hamish.
"No..." replied Charlie. "Marcello had me on his bed, whereas Ross had me on a massage table. There was plenty of contact, but not as much of a full-body experience. Ross was really good at the jacking stage of the massage, and he gave great head as well."
"So, you came?" asked Hamish.
"Nearly..." shrugged Charlie.
"What do you mean, nearly?" asked Hamish.
"Well, he was doing a great job, and I was pretty much on the edge but just couldn't quite get there..." explained Charlie. "It was only a 30-minute session, and I could tell that he was trying his best, so in the end I offered to finish it off. But, after a bit, I gave that up as well - I'd sort of gone past the point of being able to cum."
"Yeah - that happens..." nodded Hamish. "You've brought yourself right up to the edge but at some point you realise that your dick has decided to call it a day. How much did Ross charge you?"
"Ross was only £35..." replied Charlie. "I think he might be under-charging."
"When are you publishing this award-winning expose of erotic massage?" asked Hamish.
"I might need to try a few more out..." shrugged Charlie. "Just to do a bit of further research."

There is nothing like a summer day in the heart of the Romanian mountains. Photographing my brother then and editing his pictures now makes me miss him more tomorrow.
Photo by Ana-Maria Nichita / Unsplash

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