"Where are we going again?" asked Hamish. "Why can't we just go to The Yard like we usually do?"

"We're going to The King’s Arms..." insisted Charlie. "It's in Poland Street."

"I did not know that there was a gay bar in Portland Street..." confessed Hamish. "I feel so out of touch."

"It’s pretty much just a bear bar..." explained Charlie. "I only came across it because I was killing time before a shift at Sweatbox. The music is always good."

"Bears love their music..." agreed Hamish. "How’s Sweatbox going?"

"It’s fucking exhausting..." sighed Charlie. "And the money is rubbish."

"So, why are doing it?" asked Hamish.

"It’s pretty much the only place paying me at the moment..." explained Charlie. "I’ve got bills to pay."

"When you're working there, are you like constantly turned on?" asked Hamish. "You know, being constantly surrounded by naked guys and all that sexual energy."

"Almost the opposite..." shrugged Charlie. "I think it’s totally desensitising me to sex. It’s killing my sex drive."

"Really?" asked Hamish.

"Plus, most of the guys that go there seem to be total dicks..." added Charlie.

"Literally?" smiled Hamish.

"Exactly..." grinned Charlie. "Literally. There was one guy earlier this week who made this big song and dance about how he was married, that he was there on the down-low, and how no one could know that he was there."

"I guess that’s fairly common?" shrugged Hamish.

"I guess so..." agreed Charlie. "Not that it bothers me, everyone makes their own choices. But what annoyed me about this guy was that it was almost as if he was trying to make me complicit in his deception. Almost like the whole thing of everyone knowing he was there on the down-low was a turn-on for him. He was a dick. Literally."

"So you’re not hooking up with anyone?" asked Hamish. "I kind of just assumed that you were having a total sex-fest."

"Yeah, no. That’s not what’s happening..." confirmed Charlie. "There’s one guy that works there that I’ve got a bit of a crush on, but I think he’s just playing with me."

"A crush?" laughed Hamish. "How old are you - 12?"

"Well, that’s about how old he looks..." grinned Charlie. "He’s a total twink."

"Really?" asked Hamish. "That’s not normally your demographic?"

"I know, right?" agreed Charlie. "I don’t know, he’s cute, but nothing is going to happen. I'm probably just imaginging the whole thing."

"Fuck, you’re ridiculous..." grinned Hamish. "Come on, pick up the pace and let's find these bears. I’ll buy you a pint."

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