"I can't believe it's Thursday already!" exclaimed Charlie, as he joined his three friends in the dining room of their resort.

"I know, right? agreed Kellen. "This week is flying by!"

"How was the beach?" asked Charlie.

"Good..." shrugged Marc. "A bit quieter than usual, I guess it was a bit overcast out there."

"Still, it's always nice to work on the all-over tan..." added Kellen. "There's nothing I like better than swimming naked."

"What have you been up to this afternoon?" asked Hamish.

"Oh, I just went for a bit of a walk..." shrugged Charlie.

"You went to the sauna..." decided Hamish.

"You don't know me..." grinned Charlie. "Anyway, it was purely for professional purposes. As someone who works in the bathhouse industry, I need to research sauna trends around the world. It's research. Professional research. I could probably count this entire trip as a tax deduction."

"Maybe..." shrugged Marc. "If you ever earned enough money to pay tax."

"Rude!" exclaimed Charlie.

"So, how did your research go?" asked Hamish. "Did you encounter anything interesting?"

"I got there, and I nearly didn't go in..." admitted Charlie. "It looked very quiet and I started to have second thoughts about the whole thing."

"Which sauna is this?" asked Kellen.

"Heroes..." replied Charlie. "The one at the Yumbo Centre. Anyway, I started to walk away and I remembered that I'd shaved my balls especially for this, so I forced myself to turn around and go in."

"Good decision..." nodded Marc.

"It's a labyrinth in there!" exclaimed Charlie. "It was fairly quiet, so I'd just sort of resigned myself to having a bit of a wander around and then maybe a wank in the porn room."

"Classic technique..." nodded Marc.

"This guy followed me around for a bit..." continued Charlie. "He followed me into the jacuzzi and sat next to me. I gave him the green light, and he jumped on top of me. We took it into one of the cubicles, and it was game on."

"It was good?" asked Kellen.

"Really good..." nodded Charlie. "Everything worked. Everything felt right."

"Did you get his number?" asked Marc.

"I thought about it, but didn't..." replied Charlie. "Then I regretted it, but now I think I made the right decision."

"I don't understand what that means..." laughed Marc.

"He was in the changing room as I was getting dressed..." explained Charlie. "He had his phone out. If I'd asked for his number, he would have given it to me. But I just smiled and said something like - see you later."

"You're an idiot..." laughed Hamish.

"It was a great sauna hook-up..." shrugged Charlie. "There's nothing to be gained by trying to turn it into something else. But if I see him on the beach tomorrow, I'll be all over him."

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