"What's that on your face?" asked Charlie. "It looks like someone hit you?"

"It's nothing..." dismissed Kellen. "I had a skin thing today."

"A skin thing?" asked Charlie. "What does that mean?"

"I’ve been thinking of getting some laser treatments on my face to try clear up my Rosacea..." explained Kellen. "It's no big deal - this is just the test-patch."

"Your what?" asked Charlie.

"Rosacea..." repeated Kellen. You know, the way my face is kind of red and blotchy."

"I just thought that was because you drink too much..." shrugged Charlie.

"Rude!" exclaimed Kellen.

"Or maybe because you’re always embarrassed, and blushing about something..." suggested Charlie. "Your career, your sex life, your hair?"

"You’re an idiot..." laughed Kellen. "It’s Rosacea. Lots of white guys get it - especially us Celts."

"You’re so Welsh, when it suits you!" exclaimed Charlie

"I am actually half-Welsh..." pointed out Kellen.

"Yes, but you grew up in Australia..." shrugged Charlie. "So, I’m pretty sure that just makes you Australian."

"That sounds a bit racist!" protested Kellen.

"Don't be ridiculous..." dismissed Charlie. "You're white. You can't be the victim of racism. So, when are you getting this skin thing done?"

"In a couple of weeks..." replied Kellen. "I'm a bit nervous about it - I don't really know how long the bruising is going to last."

"Your whole face is going to bruise like that?" asked Charlie.

"Pretty much..." nodded Kellen.

"Some guys are into that, right?" grinned Charlie. "Ask me what I did last night?"

"Okay, I'm listening..." nodded Kellen.

"Opera!" declared Charlie.

"How fancy!" laughed Kellen. "You're reviewing opera? What do you know about opera?"

"Nothing, really..." admitted Charlie. "I wasn't really reviewing though, so it was okay. It was Faust, at Covent Garden. I'd done an interview with the tenor - Michael Fabiano, so they gave me a ticket to see the production."

"Is he TW?" asked Kellen.

"A total gayer..." nodded Charlie. "I now love opera."

"Do you?" asked Kellen. "I've never really seen the point."

"Have you ever been to see a proper opera?" asked Charlie.

"No..." admitted Kellen. "I guess I haven't."

"It's so awesome!" exclaimed Charlie. "A total production. It's like unbridled emotion, but just such incredible power and control."

"Oh, Honey..." mocked Kellen. "You want to talk about power and control, Honey? You should see me in the bedroom, Honey!"

"Don't try and Trixie Mattell your way out of your cultural shortcomings..." dismissed Charlie. "Next time I get a free ticket to the opera, you're coming."

"It's a date..." winked Kellen.

"It's definitely not a date!" declared Charlie. "Not a date. Opera."

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