"I went to this awesome jazz club last night..." said Charlie.

"Where was it?" asked Kellen, as they slid into a booth at Monty's.

"Peckham..." replied Charlie.

"Peckham?" repeated Kellen. "Everyone raves about Peckham."

"It’s great!" nodded Charlie. "So easy to get to as well - direct from Hoxton to Peckham Rye on the overground. We had dinner at a very chic and cool restaurant and then went to this pop-up jazz night."

"Who paid for all of that?" asked Kellen.

"Tim paid for dinner..." shrugged Charlie. "The jazz club was a freebie, obviously."

"Obviously..." grinned Kellen. "What did you eat?"

"The restaurant was called Levan..." explained Charlie. "Small, modern kind of place. We sat at the counter so we could see the kitchen working. Small plates of sharing food. Really tasty."

"Tapas?" suggested Kellen.

"No, not tapas..." decided Charlie. "Similar concept though, I guess. Really good. Busy at work today?"

"I’m going to Brussels this afternoon..." nodded Kellen. "Looks like this vote today is going to end up in the UK asking for some sort of extension, so I’m supposed to try and figure out how the Europeans are going to respond to that."

"Are all the decision-makers in Brussels?" asked Charlie.

"Not really..." shrugged Kellen. "But, there’s some of the economics committees that we’ve been talking to, so I’m going over to try and get some gossip from them."

"How glamorous!" laughed Charlie.

"I know, right?" nodded Kellen.

"I was being sarcastic..." sighed Charlie.

"Oh. I really like Brussels!" protested Kellen. "It’s taken me a while to figure it out, but it’s actually really cool."

"I’ve only ever been once..." shrugged Charlie. "It didn’t go well."

"Just because you were drunk and had your phone stolen..." clarified Kellen. "You can’t hold that against Brussels."

"I can..." insisted Charlie. "That's the main reason that I voted Leave."

"Don’t be an idiot..." dismissed Kellen. "You didn’t vote Leave. No one did."

"Someone must have?" said Charlie.

"Yes, but they’re all dead now..." replied Kellen. "Dead. All of them. Selfish fuckers."

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