"How was the play last night?" asked Kellen, taking a seat opposite Charlie in The Bach cafe.

"It was okay..." shrugged Charlie. "A bit wordy, but tackling interesting indeas."

"Gay?" asked Kellen.

"Obviously..." nodded Charlie. "It was Circa, at the Old Red Lion."

"I haven't been there for ages!" said Kellen. "Such a small space!"

"I know, right..." agreed Charlie. "I don't like seeing anything there that includes nude scenes - everything is within touching distance."

"Who did you go with?" asked Kellen.

"Just myself..." shrugged Charlie. "Oliver was working, and no one else was around. Have you watched Drag Race yet?"

"No - no spoilers!" instructed Kellen. "I'll watch it when I get home. I haven't figured out what they're all called yet. All I know is that I'm not a fan of Silky - she's too much."

"She's the captain of Team Too Much!" agreed Charlie.

"That's good!" laughed Kellen. "You should tweet that!"

"It's not original..." confessed Charlie. "I think someone said it on the show last week. I was surprised when you suggested coffee this afternoon, I thought you'd be crazy busy with work?"

"It's kind of the quiet before the storm, I guess..." shrugged Kellen. "Next week is when it's all going to hit the fan."

"I've completely lost track of what's meant to be happening..." admitted Charlie. "What are they voting on this time?"

"Everything..." said Kellen. "What we're expecting is three days, three votes - a different vote on each day."

"Does someone get eliminated after each vote?" suggested Charlie.

"Almost..." nodded Kellen. "On Tuesday, it's a vote on the current exit plan. If the government can't get enough votes to get that approved, then on Wednesday there'a  vote on a no-deal Brexit. It's expected that there won't be enough votes in favour of a no-deal Brexit, that means we move to the third vote on Thursday. Thursday's vote is on whether to request an extension on the whole process."

"Exhausting..." sighed Charlie. "So, what do you think is going to happen?"

"I'm half-expecting that there's going to be some curve-ball on Monday and Theresa May is going to find a way to delay the votes because she knows the numbers are against her..." replied Kellen. "But, if things all go ahead as planned, then I think we're going to finish the week with a decision by Parliament to ask for an extension."

"I should probably stock up on canned food..." decided Charlie. "I can't afford to eat now, let alone if we have to cope with hyper-inflation."

"I'd worry more about medications..." advised Kellen. "The NHS is stock-piling, but it's guaranteed to be chaos."

"It's just like during the Blitz..." said Charlie. "We'll just keep calm and carry on."

"Idiot..." laughed Kellen. "Tens of thousands of people were killed during the Blitz! There was nothing calm about that!"

"Oh, really?" asked Charlie. "They never told us that in school. Well, I'd better stock up on vodka as well as canned food. You can get through pretty much anything with a bottle of Smirnoff and some baked beans."

Yvie Oddly (image supplied by VH1)

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