London. Life.

“What was the band like?” asked Hamish, as Charlie sat down. They’d met at Curious Yellow Kafe for coffee.

“Good…” nodded Charlie. “Surprisingly good. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I liked it!”

“You didn’t know their music?” asked Hamish.

“I interviewed them by phone…” shrugged Charlie. “I’ve only ever seen their videos on YouTube. Their videos are good, but somehow it’s all a lot more dynamic live.”

“What sort of music do they play?” asked Hamish.

“It’s kind of dreamy gay Australian pop…” explained Charlie. “A bit like Troye Sivan but a little more trippy. That’s under-selling them, they were really good. I’m now obsessed with them. It was sold out. I thought it was going to be a really young gay crowd, but it was a real mix - pretty much our age, lots of straight couples.”

“Who did you go with?” asked Hamish.

“Oliver…” replied Charlie.

“Quelle surprise!” grinned Hamish.

“You don’t speak French…” dismissed Charlie. “Anyway, why is that a surprise?”

“I don’t know…” shrugged Hamish. “He just always seems to be working.”

“That’s because he is actually always working…” sighed Charlie.

“Did he like the gig?” asked Hamish.

“I think so…” nodded Charlie. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell. He was fairly tired.”

“Where did they play?” asked Hamish.

“Omeara - London Bridge…” replied Charlie. “Have you been there?”

“To London Bridge?” asked Hamish.

“No, you numpty!” exclaimed Charlie. “Omeara. It’s a good venue. It’s a railway arch, but they’ve decorated it - I don’t know what you call it, faded baroque? Post-apocalyptic baroque. I don’t know. It looked good. Not huge, but perfect for this kind of gig. It was a good night - although, we made the mistake of going to that Flat Iron Square place for food first.”

“Why was that a mistake?” asked Hamish.

“I always think those places are going to be better than they are…” replied Charlie. “I spent ages trying to decide, but in the end I panicked and went for pizza - it wasn’t good. We should have just gone to Honest Burgers or something.”

“It’s ages since since I’ve been to a gig…” said Hamish.

“Cub Sport are coming back to London in October - we should go! I could organise tickets?” suggested Charlie. “Anyway, when are you starting the new job?”

“Monday week…” confirmed Hamish. “I’m still working out my notice, but I’m not actually doing anything - I’m not allowed to see any client campaigns because I’m going to work for a competitor.”

“Don’t they normally put people on gardening leave or something?” asked Charlie.

“I’m way too junior for gardening leave…” laughed Hamish. “I’ve been spending my time sexting potential hook-ups.”

“Smart move…” grinned Charlie. “At least you’re using your time wisely. You’re going to be starting this new job with a spring in your step!”

“Or an STI…” winked Hamish. “Either way, it’s a conversation starter.”