London. Life.

“I interviewed Jason Domino last night…” said Charlie, as they walked towards Columbia Road flower market.

“The porn guy?” asked Tim. “Why were you interviewing him on a Saturday night? Is interviewing code for something else?”

“No, it was an actual interview…” insisted Charlie. “He’s more than just a porn guy. He’s a sexual health advocate. He’s the guy behind Porn4PreP.”

“Changing the world through porn. I love it!” laughed Tim. “Who was the interview for?”

“It’s Squirt…” explained Charlie. “They’re changing their profiles so that people can make it clear if they’re on PrEP or TasP.”

“That makes sense…” nodded Tim. “I’ve never met him. What’s he like?”

“I was a bit nervous about meeting him…” agreed Charlie. “He always seems so serious. But he was lovely, actually. Really easy to talk with. He lives in Canning Town.”

“You went to his place?” asked Tim. “Are you sure it was just an interview?”

“It was definitely just an interview…” insisted Charlie. “We met near his place, not at his place. What did you get up to?

“Just dinner with Mikael…” shrugged Tim. “Nothing fancy.”

“I thought he’d moved out?” asked Charlie.

“He has…” nodded Tim. “But we’re still in that figuring-things-out stage.”

“I hate that stage!” exclaimed Charlie. “How’s it going?”

“To be honest, he’s totally fine…” shrugged Tim. “I was expecting there to be a bit more drama. I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that he’s moving on without any issues.”

“You’re ridiculous…” smiled Charlie.

“Do you want to go to Tel Aviv for Eurovision?” asked Tim.

“In a world where I had enough money to do that kind of thing, totally…” nodded Charlie. “But, that is not my reality. Why do you want to go to Eurovision?”

“I don’t know…” shrugged Tim. “It just kind of feels like the kind of things that gay guys of my age do. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to Tel Aviv.”

“Everyone raves about Tel Aviv!” agreed Charlie. “But, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole pink-washing aspect of it all.”

“So, is the reason you don’t want to go because you have political objections, or is it because you don’t have the money?” asked Tim. “You’re giving me mixed messages.”

“Oh, it’s totally because I don’t have the money…” clarified Charlie. “If I wasn’t broke, I’d be there in a heartbeat. But, you have to admit that the politics of the whole thing is fairly murky.”

“Undoubtedly…” agreed Tim. “But the politics of everything is fairly murky, isn’t it? The UK is selling arms to Saudi Arabia, we all love orangutans but we’re addicted to palm oil, and I flew Emirates for my last vacation because they had the cheapest deal. I’d like to think that at some point I’d make a moral stand on something, but my track record makes it clear that I’m a total hypocrite.”

“I tasted whale when I went to Iceland…” added Charlie. “I felt so guilty, but it was delicious.”

“I rest my case…” shrugged Tim. “Hypocrites. We’re all hypocrites.”