London. Life.

“It’s too early for this…” grumbled Charlie, as he and Marc walked along Regent’s Canal.

“You love a trip to Broadway Market!” countered Marc.

“Do I?” asked Charlie. “It’s too cold. I don’t actually need anything from the market.”

“Well, I need some cheese…” shrugged Marc. “Besides, the fresh air will do you good. What did you get up to last night?”

“It’s a bit embarrassing…” mumbled Charlie.

“You had a threesome?” asked Marc.

“No, don’t be ridiculous…” dismissed Charlie. “Oliver was at work. I watched the Eurovision thing.”

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” exclaimed Marc. “As a European, I take Eurovision very seriously.”

“Did you watch it?” asked Charlie.

“No, I have a life…” replied Marc. “But I caught up on it all this morning. It’s a bit sad really, another dud year for the UK.”

“I know, right?” agreed Charlie. “Embarrassing.”

“This guy looks familiar…” said Marc, nudging Charlie to draw his attention to a young guy that was walking towards them along the canal.

“I’ve definitely seen him around…” agreed Charlie, trying to discretely study the approaching guy.

“Hey…” nodded Marc, as they passed the guy.

“Doesn’t he work at the Chipotle on Wardour Street?” suggested Charlie.

“You think that every cute Spanish-looking guy that we meet works at that Chipotle!” laughed Marc. “It’s borderline racist!”

“Who is going to work in that Chipotle after Brexit?” asked Charlie. “That’s the real question!”

“Why are you only ever worried about that specific Chipotle?” asked Marc. “There’s other Chipotle outlets. There’s other knock-off Mexican food stores. There’s other restaurants.”

“Maybe it’s a metaphor?” suggested Charlie.

“You’re using that word wrong…” sighed Marc.

“How many days until Brexit is supposed to happen?” asked Charlie.

“Don’t ruin my Saturday by talking about Brexit…” ruled Marc. “That subject is off limits. It’s so boring.”

“Have you watched that film from Noel Alejandro that I sent you?” asked Charlie.

“Oh my god - yes!” exclaimed Marc. “So good! Like, really good!”

“I know, right?” agreed Charlie. “I love how hairy that one guy is.”

“Totally!” nodded Marc. “His legs and his butt are way more hairy than the rest of him. Kind of weird but totally hot.”

“Like a sexy Mr Tumnus!” laughed Charlie.

“I don’t know what that means…” replied Marc.

“You know, Mr Tumnus?” explained Charlie. “From The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe? He’s like this guy who lives in the woods and doesn’t wear pants. I think you’d call him a faun or something. Half man, half goat.”

“Must be an English thing…” dismissed Marc. “I watched it with Stephen.”

“You watched it with Stephen Yao!” exclaimed Charlie. “Are you crazy?”

“I’m only dating one Stephen…” sighed Marc. “You don’t have to say his full name every time.”

“Isn’t that film a bit too on-topic for you to watch with Stephen?” asked Charlie. “It’s all about disclosing status. It’s all about exactly why you broke up!”

“I was a bit nervous about it…” agreed Marc. “But, it was actually good for us. The story is so beautifully handled, and then there’s just some really great sex. We watched it, then had sex, obviously, and then afterwards he said something like he understood why I hadn’t been honest with him.”

“Like, properly gets it and has forgiven you?” asked Charlie.

“He didn’t say anything about forgiveness…” clarified Marc. “But I think the film definitely helped him to realise how this thing can totally mess with your head. Did you watch it with Oliver?”

“No, by myself…” shrugged Charlie. “I like a bit of quality me-time.”