I caught up with my Twitter buddy Dick and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked-off?

The first time was when I was 13 — I was watching the pie scene from American Pie.

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

I was surprised, but I wanted to do it again.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

No. I didn’t talk about jacking of with anyone until I was in my 20s.

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

No — it was just basic stroking. I wasn’t using any lube or anything.

How has your jack-off style evolved over the years?

I discovered lube!

What’s your preferred way to jack-off currently?

These days, I do it in the shower, with a prostate massager.

What jack-off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

Natural oils are discreet.

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