I caught up with author of gay erotica Dixon Penn and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked- off?

I was thirteen, in my bedroom, getting hard looking at pictures of footballers — I’d carefully snipped them from newspapers.

Usually it was just their legs that I cut out and kept hidden in a drawer. Thighs were my thing, and football socks. I once ‘borrowed’ a worn pair from a fellow pupil at secondary school. They took my jacking off to new heights.

The only footballer I remember swooning over was Steve Coppell, who was playing for Manchester United when I was a lad. There was something about his nose. I kept pictures of his whole body, not just his thighs.

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

Stunned. Shocked. Bemused. Guilty — I came in my undies and jeans. That may be why lads filling their undies soaks through into my erotic fiction. I was mighty keen to try it again.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

Not a soul. I was a loner growing up. I never discussed it with anyone.

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

My technique was gradually refined as my teen years faded. In tandem, I discovered that some anal play heightened the delight of shooting a load.

How has your jack- off style evolved over the years?

I cringe when I see younger lads in porn yanking it about all over the shop — like it’s a jumbo sausage or something.

My style requires all five digits working in harmony. I like my fingers curved around my shaft, the forefinger and thumb nestled beneath my helmet as the magic circle.

Then, a nice, steady up-down motion — as if I were masturbating a rolling pin. I’m not bragging, honest.

I love to cum inside my foreskin, so when I edge toward bliss, I nip the foreskin tight between my forefinger and thumb. Hot jizz filling up inside that skin — heaven. When I’m feeling lazy, I’ll wear a condom and cum into that. It’s sweet watching that rubber teat inflate.

What’s your preferred way to jack- off currently?

If I’m in the back of my transit van on a street, or in a car park, or parked deep in the woods, I’ll whip the foreskin back and just let rip — firing hot globs all over the shop. Technology is wonderful — when I’m out working all day, I can pick up porn sites on my phone if I’m in need of some relief. If the connection’s dodgy, I can connect to a customer’s Wi-Fi.

What jack- off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

Touch yourself in whatever way feels right for you. Don’t think you’ve got to master the techniques of porn stars — just pick up some hints and tips and ideas from them. Take it slow, learn to get close to the precipice.

Let your imagination run wild and free — it’s more powerful than anything you’ll watch on a screen.

Remember that at the start of your jacking journey, you’ll not have much control — especially if you rub it too much. It can get messy and embarrassing on buses, trains — other venues are possible.

Enjoy it, and never ever feel bad, dirty, or guilty about it.

If you think jacking yourself off is divine, just wait until someone else does it for you.

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