I caught up with Esteban Kortez from Chicago and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked-off?

The first time I jacked-off I think I was 12 or 13. It happened in the shower. I knew what masturbation was, but didn’t know how to do it. I remember just beating my dick senseless in the shower that day in all types of directions, until I felt something happening. The next thing I knew, nut was flying everywhere. It was very interesting and exciting.

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

I felt extremely curious. I wanted to try it again, and I did — like, everyday afterwards.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

I kept my masturbation to myself. At the time, I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, unfortunately. It would’ve been hot if I had someone to masturbate with.

I really don’t remember the first time that I talked to someone about it.

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

I tried everything! I used my right hand, my left hand, gloves, I beat it, I stroked it, I stuck my dick in any hole I could find. I really think I beat off too much, because my dick would be sore sometimes and I’d have to let it rest a few days so it could heal.

I think that ultimately led me to my current condition of a lack of sensitivity. The only thing that makes me cum is extremely good head and masturbating now. I’ve never been able to cum from sex.

I used to use lotion mainly, but I think most of the time I would just beat it dry.

How has your jack-off style evolved over the years?

Over the years, I figured out what exactly I like and what feels good. I used to just beat my dick senselessly just because, and now I enjoy a nice slow stroke using Wet Platinum or Vaseline.

What’s your preferred way to jack-off currently?

I honestly hate masturbating now. I’d much rather cum from getting my dick sucked. I still jack-off though, because I can’t always get sex when I want it. When I do jack-off, it’s usually in the mornings before work while watching some quick porn on my phone.

When I have time to jack-off, I usually just find some good porn on my laptop, beat it at first, add lube, and stroke it while playing with my nipples until I bust. I like to jack-off every two or three days. It feels much better when I let the nut build up.

What jack-off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

The only tips I have based off of my own experiences are to not overdo it. Jacking off can be fun. Watch some porn to see how other guys do it. Everyone’s dick is different, so you have to find the method that works for you. Jack-off with a friend or three for more fun.

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