I caught up with my Twitter-buddy Rogue Fox and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked-off?

I used to use vibrating back massagers on my dick — starting at 12 years old — because I knew it made me feel good. Actual jacking off probably started around 13. I was in the shower — I was just messing around and then suddenly, boom!

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

I almost blacked out and my legs went weak. Fucking amazing. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

I talked about it with my cousin — we were about the same age. We used to compare what worked for us, and would jerk off together.

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

Any lube would have been soap and lotions. Not proper lube. Also, I kept on with the vibrating stimulation.

How has your jack-off style evolved over the years?

These days I usually don’t use lube. Just the friction, if I’m jerking off. Also, I love using poppers.

What’s your preferred way to jack-off currently?

Poppers and edging myself is always good. I love getting a dildo up my ass as well, if I’m feeling motivated.

What jack-off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

Do it all the time. Seriously. As much as you can in as many different situations. And with friends. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. See what turns you on and go for it. Be adventurous. Watch porn, see what kinks you might want to try, ask around and experiment. Have fun.

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