He's mine now, Cuck!

Erotic gay fiction exploring a cuckold fantasy.

He's mine now, Cuck!

We’ve been doing some research into what gay guys are getting up to in the bedroom. One of the trends that seems to be emerging is an increasing interest in gay cuckhold fantasies, or hot-husbanding.

There’s lots of variations on this, but in simple terms this is a fantasy where you are turned on by watching your boyfriend or husband being seduced by another man.

To explore these fantasies a bit further, we’ve created a short work of erotic gay fiction — He’s Mine Now, Cuck!

Here’s a sample:

“What the fuck’s going on?” demanded Blake, stepping into the bedroom.
“Who the fuck are you?” growled the big guy, turning to look at Blake but continuing to drive his thick cock into the guy beneath him on the bed. Blake realised that the guy being fucked was Brad.
“I live here!” exclaimed Blake. “You’re on my bed! You’re fucking my boyfriend!”
“Is this your husband?” growled the guy, turning his attention back to Brad.
“Uh huh…” grunted Brad, grinding his stretched man-cunt to take the guy’s thick cock as deep and as hard as possible.
“Fuck off, Cuck!” snarled the guy, directing the dismissal at Blake.
“What the fuck?” laughed Blake incredulously. “Brad, what the fuck is going on here? Who is this guy?”
“I’ll explain later…” grunted Brad, clearly distracted by the long, thick cock pounding relentlessly into his cunt.
“Cuck — I told you to fuck off!” the guy repeated to Blake. “Either fuck off or sit down quietly and watch me fuck your husband!”

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