Get your diaries out, we're counting down to the next Hard On event  in London.

Saturday 14 March is the date that you need in your diary. This is one of the private sex party events.

The next club night will be on Saturday 18 April. Held at Union, this is the perfect combination of club night and sex party.

One of the many things we enjoy about an event like Hard On, is getting involved in the build-up — figuring out who is going to be there, feeling the energy and excitement building.

Are you going to the next Hard On? What will you be wearing? Who do you want to see there? What sort of action are you looking for?

What should I wear to Hard On?

This is the kind of party where really anything goes.

Officially, the dress-code is Rubber, Leather, Sports, or just your Boots.

You want your outfit to have a bit of a fetish edge, but things always get pretty steamy at a Hard On party, so a policy of less-is-more is generally a good starting point.

You can't go wrong in a jockstrap and a harness. Maybe start the night in a pair of slutty shorts, but you can be confident that they'll be coming off pretty quickly.

Who goes to Hard On parties?

The great thing about a party like Hard On is that it attracts a pretty diverse bunch of guys. You'll see all ages - usually early-2os and upwards, and you'll see all body types, personalities, and fetish. You don't get a lot of attitude at a party like Hard On - everyone is here for a bit of fun and some great music.

The music

The Hard On resident is DJ Brent Nicholls. One of our favourite DJs, Nicholls can always be relied on to deliver a testoterone-fuelled soundtrack of butt-shaking tech beats and funked up chunky house.

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